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TV Series: 2008-2009

TV Series: 2008-2009


Show Network Season
Ashes to Ashes BBC 2nd
Battlestar Galactica SCIFI 4th
Being Human BBC3/BBCA 1st
Chuck NBC 2nd
Crusoe NBC 1st
Defying Gravity ABC 1st
Demons ITV 1st
Doctor Who (2005) BBC/BBCA 4.5
Dollhouse FOX 1st
Eleventh Hour (US) CBS 1st
Eli Stone ABC 2nd
Eureka SCIFI 3.5
Fringe FOX 1st
Futurama COM 5th
Ghost Whisperer CBS 4th
Heroes NBC 3rd
Kings NBC 1st
Knight Rider (2008) NBC 1st
Krod Mandoon And The Flaming Sword of Fire COM/BBC2 1st
Kyle XY FAM 3rd
Legend of the Seeker SYND 1st
Life on Mars (US) ABC 1st
The Listener NBC 1st
Lost ABC 5th
Medium NBC 5th
Merlin NBC/BBC 1st
The Middleman FAM 1st
My Own Worst Enemy NBC 1st
Primeval ITV/BBCA 3rd
Pushing Daisies ABC 2nd
Reaper CW 2nd
Red Dwarf BBC1 9th
Robin Hood BBC1 3rd
Sanctuary SYFY 1st
The Sarah Jane Adventures CBBC 2nd
Smallville CW 8th
Spaceballs: The Animated Series G4 1st
Star Wars: The Clone Wars TOON 1st
Stargate Atlantis SCIFI 5th
Supernatural CW 4th
Survivors BBC1 1st
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles FOX 2nd
Torchwood BBC1/BBCA 3rd
True Blood HBO 2nd
Warehouse 13 SYFY 1st

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