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TV Series: 2002-2003

TV Series: 2002-2003


Show Network  Season
Adventure Inc. WGN 1st
Alias ABC 2nd
Andromeda WGN 3rd
Angel WB 4th
The Black Sash WB 1st
Birds of Prey WB 1st
Buffy The Vampire Slayer UPN 7th
Charmed WB 5th
Dark Knight SHO 1st
Dead Like Me SHO 1st
The Dead Zone USA 2nd
Dinotopia ABC 1st
Do Over WB 1st
Enterprise UPN 2nd
Farscape SCIFI 4th
Firefly FOX 1st
Futurama FOX 4th
Haunted UPN 1st
Jeopardy BBC1 2nd
John Doe FOX 1st
Miracles ABC 1st
Mutant X WGN 2nd
Push Nevada ABC 1st
Sabrina The Teenage Witch WB 7th
Smallville WB 2nd
Stargate: SG-1 SHO 6th
Starhunter SYND 1st
Taken SCIFI 1st
That Was Then ABC 1st
Tremors SCIFI 1st
The Twilight Zone UPN 1st
Veritas: The Quest ABC 1st

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