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The N3F is an old club, solidly embedded in Fandom’s history and present – and, from all appearances, it’s future as well. It all began in April 1941, when all types of imaginative literature – including science fiction – were called fantasy, making it one of the oldest science fiction and fantasy fan clubs still operating. In all the time since then, the N3F has undergone almost every combination of success and failure imaginable. At different times it’s membership has been in the hundreds, and other times under 100. It has produced some of Fandom’s most memorable fanzines and some of the worst crudzines. It’s ranks hold professional writers as well as neofans (if you have to ask what a neofan is, you are one).

The reason for this diversity, and quite possibly also for N3F’s longevity, is that the club’s main aim is contact. Anyone paying the current dues is welcome (and that is about the only thing rigidly insisted on). People are encouraged to seek out others sharing their interests in any matter, and to start a group (if they want to) about it, if there isn’t one already. Thus, we have a Writer’s workshop, an Artist’s Bureau, a Pen Pal group, the WelCommittee (this is the original WelCommittee; beware of imitations!), Convention listings, Reviews, a Games Bureau, etc. Know what a Round Robin is? We got a few of those. Want to have someone critique your short story or novel? We can help you. (More info available at:¬†


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