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News and reviews about the media that fan and geek culture consumes.

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Founder, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher David Speakman
Editors David Speakman
Ruth Davidson
Contributing Writers Lee and J.J. McFadden
Janine Stinson

N3F Officers
President David Speakman
Directorate Chair George Phillies
Directorate Members Ruth Davidson
Sarah Harder
Jon Swartz
Holly Wilson
Treasurer Rich Speakman

N3F – The National Fantasy Fan Federation
Founded in 1941, the N3F is the oldest internationl science fiction and fantasy club on planet Earth. Since its birth, its has been serving fandom and providing creative outlets and experiences for fans.
Visit N3F online at

FanDominion is seeking writers of essays, reviews, how-to guides, viewer guides and art contributions. You don't have to be professional writer or artist to contribute, but it helps if you approach your work with a professional work ethic.Topics and subject matters appropriate for FanDominion are any subject matter that deals with speculative fiction. This includes and "speculative fiction" genre, its fandom and culture. Speculative fiction for our purposes is defined here as either science fiction, fantasy, supernatural horror, dark fantasy, spy fi and the "alternates" such as alternate histories, universes or realities. NOTE: Because they lack a supernatural element, this list does not include the genres known as splatter/slasher horror, torture porn or run-of-the-mill action adventures or thrillers.
Essays: Should be between 1,000 and 3,000 words pertaining to speculative fiction or its fandom.
Reviews: Should be more than 500 pertaining to and book, film, comic, television program, game or resource with a speculative fiction theme or that appeals to its fandom.
Guides: Should be long enough to ensure they are thorough and easy-to-understand (Usually 1,000 words or more). The focus of your guide should be our target readership: intelligent speculative fiction aficionados.
Art, Cartoons and Comics: Should be your original work with a subject matter inspired by speculative fiction or its fandom. Your art should be in electronic form in high-quality (300 dpi) web-friendly formats such as .jpg, .gif. .png. Ordinarily, you will be responsible for scanning your own drawings into one of these formats.
Fiction: Should be your original speculative fiction work and be fewer than 10,000 words as to be at a web-friendly length.PLEASE REVIEW THE FANDOMINION COPYRIGHT POLICY.


Note: We are unable to pay you money for your work at this time, but you will not go entirely unrewarded. In lieu of money, you will have the opportunity to address our readership, currently 10,000 unique readers per month and growing since our launch date of June 1, 2008. 

Editorial and Production staff positions at FanDominion are encouraged to be members of our sponsoring organization, the National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F), but don’t let that scare you off. It’s optional. You can sign up to join by visiting their website: and paying $18 for a one-year membership. (Those membership dollars not only help support FanDominion, but also get you access to all of the club’s activities and zines.)

Joining our staff is as easy as contacting the FanDominion editor to join via email:

If you are not interested in joingng our staff, you still may contribute to and be published in FanDominion as a Guest Writer. Please follow the submission guidelines above to pitch your idea in an email of 100 – 250 words or less.


Send CDs, DVDs, books, video games, comic books, and TV screeners to our main address for review consideration: PO Box 1925 Mountain View, CA 94042 USA

Unsolicited materials sent to us without a postage fully paid self-addressed, stamped envelope will not be returned to the original sender.

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