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News and reviews about the media that fan and geek culture consumes.

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FanDominion is the brainchild of David Speakman, a veteran journalist and long-time fan of all forms of speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy and dark fantasy/supernatural horror).

After having worked in the mainstream press for the better part of two decades, Speakman became frustrated with dismissive attitude that non-fans or obviously biased anti-fandom journalists and reviewers took toward speculative fiction works of art, film, television and print.

Additionally, most “fan” sites seemed to be very narrowly focused upon one or two topics; then openly gushed in a very biased and forgiving manner; refusing to take a critical eye when discussing their topic of choice.


The intention of this site is to provide high-quality and reliable news and reviews written by fans for fans. FanDominion articles – short and long – strive to achieve the following goals:

  1. To be written with a fan’s point of view and not be dismissive of science fiction/fantasy/horror fandom.
  2. To be written or presented in a professional manner or at least in a manner that is not insulting to the intelligence of  the audience.
  3. To be verifiable and trustworthy.
  4. To not be afraid of criticising the flaws of a SF/F/H work in a well-reasoned and truthful manner.
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