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Genre TV Grid: May 22-28 – Preacher debuts on AMC, Wayward Pines returns as May Sweeps ends

Genre TV Grid: May 22-28 – Preacher debuts on AMC, Wayward Pines returns as May Sweeps ends

Scripted genre TV schedule for the week of May 22-28, the 51st week of the 2015-16 season.*

Programming Notes:
Note Series
New Series Preacher
New Season Wayward Pines
Season Finale  Arrow, Blindspot, Fear the Walking Dead, The Flash, Gotham, Stitchers, and Supernatural

Program Grid

Show Episode Network Day/Time Teaser
Fear the Walking Dead S02E06 – Shiva  AMC Sun 9/8 Our family faces their greatest test yet. Nick, Travis, Madison and others go to great lengths to keep each other close.
Game of Thrones S06E05 – The Door  HBO Sun 9/8 Tyrion seeks a strange ally. Bran learns a great deal. Brienne goes on a mission. Arya is given a chance to prove herself.
Good Witch S02E06 – Risk  HALL Sun 9/8 Cassie could be ready to take a chance on her feelings for Sam; Grace decides to goes on a magical mission.
Penny Dreadful S03E04 – A Blade of Grass SHO Sun 10/9 Vanessa convinces Dr. Seward to use hypnosis to take her back in time.
Preacher S01E01 – Pilot AMC Sun 10/9  Jesse struggles to escape a past that is slowly catching up to him. A mysterious entity comes to earth, leaving a wave of destruction in its wake.
Gotham S02E22 – Wrath of the Villains: Transference FOX Mon 8/7 While Gordon, Bruce and Lucius remain at Indian Hill, the city of GOTHAM will be met with a new threat as Hugo Strange's inmates devise a plan to escape and start their new lives.
12 Monkeys  S02E06 – Immortal  SYFY Mon 9/8 Cole's partnership with Ramse is put to the test when they travel back to the 1970s to try to prevent the Twelve from murdering a disturbed Vietnam veteran with a connection to the Witness.
Houdini & Doyle  S01E04 – Spring-Heel'd Jack FOX Mon 9/8 In the first of several attacks, a businessman is murdered by a mysterious phantom with demonic eyes and gravity-defying leaps.
Blindspot S01E23 – Why Await Life's End  NBC Mon 10/9 Weller searches for the truth within a heartbreaking and confounding assertion.
Hunters  S01E07 – Kissing the Machine  SYFY Mon 10/9 The Hunters attempt to "reprogram" a captive Regan. While the ETU work to locate their missing agent, they deal with the possibility that there could be a mole in their ranks.
Person of Interest S05E06 – A More Perfect Union CBS Mon 10/9 The Machine sends Reese and Finch to a wedding to protect a pair of POIs before their nuptials.
The Flash S02E23 – The Race of His Life CW Tue 8/7 After Zoom reveals his true plan, Barry vows to do whatever it takes to stop him.
Containment S01E06 – He Stilled the Rising Tumult CW Tue 9/8 With the sweltering heat hitting the triple digits and life outside the cordon returning to normal, Lex moves full steam ahead in an attempt to uncover the truth behind a potential government cover-up.
Person of Interest S05E07 – QSO CBS Tue 9/8  Root goes undercover at a radio station to protect the host of a conspiracy theory show who stumbles upon information that could get him killed.
Person of Interest S05E08 – Reassortment  CBS Tue 10/9 Reese and Finch become trapped in a hospital that becomes ground zero for a deadly viral outbreak.
Stitchers S02E10 – All In FREE Tue 10/9 Now closer than ever to uncovering the mysteries surrounding her family, Kirsten uncovers a shocking secret in the season finale.
Saving Hope S03E15 – Remains of the Day  ION Tue 11/10 Alex wrangles the team in a high-bid effort to diagnose the mysterious illness that haunts a beloved English teacher.
Saving Hope S03E16 – A Simple Plan  ION Tue 12/11 Alex and Charlie find themselves working side-by-side to save the life of a man on the run. A spirit won’t leave Alex alone, and Charlie is intent to find out why.
Arrow S04E23 – Schism  CW Wed 8/7 Oliver teams up with a surprising force in an attempt to stop Damien Darhk and his magic once and for all.
Supernatural S11E23 – Alpha and Omega  CW Wed 9/8 God comes to a decision about Amara that has direct repercussions for Sam and Dean.
Wayward Pines S01E01 – Enemy Lines FOX Wed 9/8  Dr. Theo Yedlin – a new resident of Wayward Pines – awakens from suspended animation and finds himself in the middle of this rebellion, as he tries to understand what Wayward Pines really is and help preserve the endangered human race.
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S01E01 – Pilot (repeat) CW 8/7  Repeat
The Flash S02E23 – The Race of His Life (repeat)  CW Thu 9/8  Repeat.
Archer S07E09 – Deadly Velvet: Part I  FX 10/9 Archer and the gang are hired by renowned director, Ellis Crane, to investigate suspicious activity on the set of his new movie, Deadly Velvet.
Orphan Black S04E07 – The Antisocialism of Sex BBCA 10/9 Sarah regresses to old habits while struggling to cope with the consequences of her decisions — reconnecting with Beth on a dark night of the soul.
Wynonna Earp S01E09 – Bury Me With My Guns On  SYFY Fri 10/9 A shaken Wynonna seeks solace in drink and other questionable activities after her encounter with the last of the Seven.
Saving Hope S03E15 – Remains of the Day (repeat) ION Fri 11/10 Repeat.
Saving Hope S03E16 – A Simple Plan (repeat) ION Fri 12/11 Repeat.
Outlander S02E08 – The Fox's Lair STARZ Sat 9/8 Claire and Jamie seek to elicit support from his manipulative grandfather, who may have his own interests at heart, while a visiting Colum MacKenzie has other plans.

Return Dates

Currently Airing Series Date Network
12 Monkeys Mon  SYFY
Archer Thu FX
Arrow Wed  CW
Blindspot Mon  NBC
Containment Thu  CW
Fear the Walking Dead Sun  AMC
The Flash Tue  CW
Game of Thrones Sun  HBO
Good Witch Sun  HALL
Gotham Mon  FOX
Houdini & Doyle Mon FOX
Hunters Mon SYFY
Orphan Black Thu  BBCA
Outlander Sat  STARZ
Penny Dreadful Sun  SHO
Person of Interest Mon, Tue CBS
Preacher Sun  AMC
Saving Hope Tue ION
Stitchers Tue  FREE
Supernatural Wed  CW
Wayward Pines Wed  FOX
Wynonna Earp Fri SYFY
Returning  Series Date Network
Beauty and the Beast Jun 2  CW
Dark Matter July 1  SYFY
Doctor Who  Dec 25 BBCA
Killjoys July 1  SYFY
The Last Ship Jun 12  TNT
Mr. Robot Jul 13 USA
Powers May 31  PSN
Zoo Jun 28 CBS
Renewed Series Returns Network
The 100 Spring 2017  CW
American Horror Story Fall 2016  FX
Ash vs Evil Dead Fall 2016 STARZ
Between 2016  NETFLIX
Black Mirror Spring 2016 NETFLIX
Colony Spring 2017 USA
DC's Legends of Tomorrow Fall 2016  CW
The Expanse Jan 2017  SYFY
From Dusk Till Dawn Summer 2016 ELREY
Grimm Fall 2016  NBC
Humans Summer 2016 AMC
Into the Badlands 2017 AMC
iZombie 2016-2017  CW
The Leftovers Fall 2016 HBO
The Librarians Fall 2016 TNT
The Magicians 2017 SYFY
Man in the High Castle 2016  AMAZON
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Fall 2016  ABC
Marvel's Jessica Jones 2017 NETFLIX
Once Upon a Time Fall 2016  ABC
The Originals 2017  CW
Salem 2016 WGN
Sense8 Spring 2016 NETFLIX
Shadowhunters 2017 FREE
The Shannara Chronicles 2017 MTV
Star Wars: Rebels 2016/2017 DXD
The Strain Summer 2016 FX
Supergirl Fall 2016 CW
Teen Wolf 2017 MTV
Twin Peaks Summer 2017 SHO
The Vampire Diaries Fall 2016 CW
The Walking Dead Fall 2016  AMC
 Z Nation Fall 2016  SYFY
Upcoming New Series Date Network
American Gods 2016-17  STARZ
American Gothic Jun 22 CBS
Beyond 2016 FREE
Braindead Jun 13  CBS
Cleverman Jun 1   SUND
Dead of Summer Jun 28  FREE
Emerald City Fall 2016 NBC
The Frankenstein Chronicles 2016 A&E
Incorporated Fall 2016 SYFY
The Living and the Dead 2016 BBCA
Marvel's Cloak and Dagger 2017 FREE
Marvel's The Defenders 2016 NETFLIX
Marvel's Iron Fist 2016-2017 NETFLIX
Marvel's Luke Cage Sep 30  NETFLIX
Outcast Jun 3  Cinemax
People of Earth 2016 TBS
Stranger Things Jul 15 NETFLIX
Taboo 2016-2017 FX
Westworld 2016-2017 HBO

*Each season being Emmy award eligibility of first airing between June 1 and May 31.
Last updated: May 22, 2016 at 14:34 pm

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