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Genre TV Grid: May 1-7 – First Full week of May Sweeps; Houdini & Doyle series premiere, Penny Dreadful returns

Genre TV Grid: May 1-7 – First Full week of May Sweeps; Houdini & Doyle series premiere, Penny Dreadful returns

Scripted genre TV schedule for the week of May 1 -7, the 48th week of the 2015-16 season.*

Programming Notes:
Note Series
New Series   Houdini & Doyle
New Season Penny Dreadful
Preempted  Grimm, The Last Man On Earth

Program Grid

Show Episode Network Day/Time Teaser
Once Upon a Time S05E20 – Firebird ABC Sun 8/7 Hades turns to the heroes to ask for help with getting Zelena back from Rumplestiltskin and Peter Pan.
Fear the Walking Dead S02E04 – Blood in the Streets  AMC Sun 9/8 A family in distress boards the Abigail.
Game of Thrones S06E02 – Home  HBO Sun 9/8 Bran trains with the Three-Eyed Raven. In King's Landing, Jaime advises Tommen.
Good Witch S02E03 – Out of the Past HALL Sun 9/8 As Cassie's old friend John attempts to unearth their shared college memories, the Good Witch receives another visitor from her past when Ryan returns to Middleton seeking closure.
Penny Dreadful S03E01 – The Day Tennyson Died Sun 10/9  On Ferdinand's advice, Vanessa goes to see an alienist, Dr. Seward. Meanwhile, Ethan receives a reprieve from death while Malcolm receives a visitor.
Gotham S02E19 – Wrath of the Villains: Azrael FOX Mon 8/7 Gordon and Bruce question Professor Strange about Project Chimera, which leads Strange to send the newly resurrected Galavan to confront Gordon.
Houdini & Doyle  S01E01 – The Maggie's Redress FOX Mon 9/8 In the series' debut, Houdini, Doyle and Adelaide investigate the murder of a nun in one of the notorious Magdalene Laundries. A witness claims the killer is a young woman who was tormented by the nun. The only problem is, that young woman has been dead for six months.
12 Monkeys  S02E03 – One Hundred Years SYFY Mon 9/8 Despite the growing tension between them, Cole and Cassie travel to 1940s New York during World War II to track down a dangerously seductive member of the Twelve who's plotting an assassination.
Blindspot S01E20 – Swift Hardhearted Stone  NBC Mon 10/9 When a mysterious young girl with a tattoo connection falls into Borden's care, he brings her case to the FBI team– but her ties to a terrorist organization prove dangerous for all of them.
Damien S01E09 – The Devil You Know  A&E Mon 10/9 Damien tries to control his fate, which culminates in a bloody confrontation.
Hunters  S01E04 – Love and Violence SYFY Mon 10/9 The ETU capture their greatest asset yet; Jackson goes against his morals to combat the Hunter threat; and McCarthy makes it known the lengths he will go to protect his kind
The Flash S02E20 – Rupture  CW Tue 8/7 Zoom arrives back on Earth-1 intent on taking over Central City.
Containment S01E03 – Be Angry at the Sun  CW Tue 9/8 Following the release of several controversial videos depicting the chaos going on inside the cordon, Lex pleads with Dr. Lommers for additional reinforcements to be sent in.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S03E19 – Failed Experiments  ABC Tue 9/8 Coulson and his team race to combat Hive's control over the Inhumans, as their enemy's deadly plan for the human race is revealed.
Person of Interest S05E01 – B.S.O.D.  CBS Tue 10/9 Reese and Finch attempt to rescue the Machine's source code before it deteriorates beyond repair.
Stitchers S02E07 – Pretty Little Lawyers FREE Tue 10/9 When a bright, young lawyer is found dead, the team suspects she was murdered because of a case she was working on.
Saving Hope S03E09 – The Other Side of Midnight  ION Tue 11/10 Alex and Joel’s relationship is tested during a marathon surgery of an injured race car driver. Charlie’s day off from work proves to be full of surprises. Dana, Zach and Jimmy deal with a hospital “frequent-flyer.”
Saving Hope S03E10 – Days of Thunder ION Tue 12/11 Neurosurgeon/celebrated author Thor MacLeod visits Hope Zion, and tries to entice Alex with an offer while she tries to save the life of one his patients.
Arrow S04E20 – Genesis  CW Wed 8/7 As Oliver and Felicity look for a magical solution to defeat Darhk, a vengeance-driven Diggle gets a lead on Andy's whereabouts and heads off to confront his brother.
Supernatural S11E20 – Don't Call Me Shurley CW Wed 9/8 Amara unleashes a dark fog on a small town, causing everyone to go mad.
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S01E14 – River of Time CW 8/7 After numerous attempts in many different time periods, the team has successfully captured Vandal Savage.
The 100 S03E14 – Red Sky at Morning CW Thu 9/8 Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Jasper hit a tragic roadblock.
Archer S07E06 – Bel Panto: Part II FX 10/9  A hostage negotiation spirals out of control when Archer and Lana go missing.
Orphan Black S04E04 – From Instinct to Rational Control BBCA 10/9 Sarah forms an alliance with a former enemy in hopes of getting to the head of Neolution.
The Vampire Diaries S07E21 – Requiem for a Dream CW Fri 8/7 When Damon's risky attempt to save Bonnie takes an unexpected turn, the consequences of his actions forces everyone to band together to help her pull through.
The Originals S03E20 – Where Nothing Stays Buried CW Fri 9/8 In the wake of a ruthless plan that has left their family shattered, Klaus, Elijah and Freya desperately search for a way to take down Lucien once and for all.
Wynonna Earp S01E06 – Constant Cravings SYFY Fri 10/9 Wynonna is out to find and bring to justice one of the Revenants responsible for attacking the Homestead 15 years ago.
Saving Hope S03E09 – The Other Side of Midnight (repeat) ION Fri 11/10 Repeat.
Saving Hope S03E10 – Days of Thunder (repeat) ION Fri 12/11 Repeat.
Houdini & Doyle  S01E01 – The Maggie's Redress (repeat) FOX Sat 8/7 Repeat.
Outlander S02E05 – Untimely Resurrection STARZ Sat 9/8 Reunited, Jamie and Claire attempt to extinguish the fires their dinner party ignited; however, Claire is set off on an unexpected change of course.

Return Dates

Currently Airing Series Date Network
12 Monkeys Mon  SYFY
The 100 Thu CW
Archer Thu FX
Arrow Wed  CW
Blindspot Mon  NBC
Containment Thu  CW
Damien Mon  A&E
DC's Legends of Tomorrow Thu CW
Fear the Walking Dead Sun  AMC
The Flash Tue  CW
Game of Thrones Sun  HBO
Good Witch Sun  HALL
Gotham Mon  FOX
Grimm Fri  NBC
Hunters Mon SYFY
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Tue  ABC
Once Upon a Time Sun  ABC
The Originals Fri CW
Orphan Black Thu  BBCA
Outlander Sat  STARZ
Saving Hope Tue ION
Stitchers Tue  FREE
Supernatural Wed  CW
The Vampire Diaries Fri  CW
Wynonna Earp Fri SYFY
Returning  Series Date Network
Beauty and the Beast Jun 2  CW
Doctor Who  Dec 25 BBCA
The Last Ship Jun 12  TNT
Mr. Robot Jul 13 USA
Penny Dreadful May 1  SHO
Person of Interest May 3  CBS
Powers May 31  PSN
Wayward Pines May 25  FOX
Zoo Jun 28 CBS
Renewed Series Returns Network
American Horror Story Fall 2016  FX
Ash vs Evil Dead Fall 2016 STARZ
Between 2016  NETFLIX
Black Mirror Spring 2016 NETFLIX
Colony Spring 2017 USA
Dark Matter Summer 2016 SYFY
The Expanse Jan 2017  SYFY
From Dusk Till Dawn Summer 2016 ELREY
Humans Summer 2016 AMC
Into the Badlands 2017 AMC
iZombie 2016-2017  CW
Killjoys Summer 2016 SYFY
The Leftovers Fall 2016 HBO
The Librarians Fall 2016 TNT
The Magicians 2017 SYFY
Man in the High Castle 2016  AMAZON
Marvel's Jessica Jones 2017 NETFLIX
Salem 2016 WGN
Sense8 Spring 2016 NETFLIX
Shadowhunters 2017 FREE
The Shannara Chronicles 2017 MTV
Star Wars: Rebels 2016/2017 DXD
The Strain Summer 2016 FX
Teen Wolf 2017 MTV
Twin Peaks Summer 2017 SHO
The Walking Dead Fall 2016  AMC
 Z Nation Fall 2016  SYFY
Upcoming New Series Date Network
American Gods Fall 2016  STARZ
American Gothic Jun 22 CBS
Beyond 2016 FREE
Braindead Jun 13  CBS
Cleverman Jun 1   SUND
Dead of Summer Jun 28  FREE
Emerald City Fall 2016 NBC
The Frankenstein Chronicles 2016 A&E
Houdini & Doyle May 2  FOX
Incorporated Fall 2016 SYFY
The Living and the Dead 2016 BBCA
Marvel's Cloak and Dagger 2017 FREE
Marvel's The Defenders 2016 NETFLIX
Marvel's Iron Fist 2016-2017 NETFLIX
Marvel's Luke Cage Sep 30  NETFLIX
Outcast Jun 3  Cinemax
People of Earth 2016 TBS
Preacher May 22 AMC
Stranger Things Jul 15 NETFLIX
Taboo 2016-2017 FX
Westworld 2016-2017 HBO

*Each season being Emmy award eligibility of first airing between June 1 and May 31.
Last updated: May 1, 2016 at 21:46 pm

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