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Genre TV Grid: Apr. 3-9 – New Seasons of Outlander, Saving Hope as 6 other shows finale

Genre TV Grid: Apr. 3-9 – New Seasons of Outlander, Saving Hope as 6 other shows finale

Scripted genre TV schedule for the week of April 2-9, the 44th week of the 2015-16 season.*

Programming Notes:
Note Series
New Season   Saving Hope, Outlander
Season Finale  The Walking Dead, 11.22.63, Shadowhunters, Sleepy Hollow, Animals, Beowulf
Preempted  Supergirl

Program Grid

Show Episode Network Day/Time Teaser
Once Upon a Time S05E16 – Our Decay  ABC Sun 8/7 Emma, Snow, David, Regina, Robin, Henry and Hook continue to search for a way to free everyone from the Underworld.
The Walking Dead S06E16 – Last Day on Earth AMC Sun 9/8 Rick and the group must go outside the walls to save one of their own. What they experience on the road will change their lives forever.
The Last Man on Earth S02E13 – Fish in the Dish FOX Sun 9:30/8:30  Carol is back on the campaign for repopulation with Phil, and Todd's juggling act finally puts him over the edge.
11.22.63 S01E08 – The Day in Question HULU Mon 3/2 The past pulls out every weapon it has to keep Jake from reaching Daley Plaza in time to save Kennedy.
Gotham S02E08 – Wrath of the Villains: TOnight's the Night (repeat)  FOX Mon 8/7 Repeat.
iZombie S02E16 = Pour Some Sugar ZOmbie (repeat) CW Mon 8/7 Repeat.
Lucifer S01E01 – Pilot (repeat) FOX Mon 9/8 Repeat.
The Magicians S01E12 – Thirty-nine Graves SYFY Mon 9/8 The students wake up to vague memories and feelings of regret after a night of drinking.
Blindspot S01E16 – Any Wounded Thief  NBC Mon 10/9 After an armored truck is robbed, the team discovers that the stolen goods are chemical weapons and they must race to thwart a terrorist plot.
Damien S01E05 – Seven Curses  A&E Mon 10/9 Damien's surprising connection with a war veteran leads him to a very dark place..
Wynonna Earp S01E01 – Purgatory (repeat) SYFY Mon 10/9 Repeat.
Bitten S03E08 – Tili Tili Bom SYFY 11/10 As the Alpha, Elena sets out with Clay to take down the Albino; Nick and Katia are captured by Roman's henchmen; Jeremy gets help from a surprising ally in his quest to kill Roman.
The Flash  S02E15 – King Shark (repeat) CW Tue 8/7  Repeat.
iZombie S02E17 – Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be CW Tue 9/8 Liv and Detective Babineaux are investigating the murder of Bailey Barker, a type-A, ambitious, hyper-competitive and driven student near the top of her class.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S03E15 – Spacetime  ABC Tue 9/8 When Daisy gets a horrifying glimpse of the future, S.H.I.E.L.D. races to prove that fate is not fixed.
Shadowhunters S01E13 – Morning Star FREE Tue 9/8 Jace, who is still reeling from everything that has happened, makes hunting down Valentine his number one priority even though he continues to wrestle with his conflicted feelings.
Limitless S01E20 – Hi, My Name is Rebecca Harris CBS Tue 10/9  When Rebecca learns the truth about her father's death, she takes NZT for the first time and uses it to seek justice for his murder.
Stitchers S02E03 – The One That Got Away  FREE Tue 10/9 When Fisher's mentor turns up dead, Kirsten's stitch reveals the officer was murdered by a serial killer she's been chasing for years.
Saving Hope S03E01 – Heaven Can Wait  ION Tue 11/10 After being stabbed in the heart, Alex has a profound experience in the liminal space, while a desperate Charlie and Dawn race against the clock to save her life.
Saving Hope S03E02 – Kiss Me Goodbye  ION Tue 12/11 With her body still in a coma, Spirit Alex shares an emotional journey with Charlie in the spirit world as he ‘ghost-doctors’ a brain-dead mother-to-be.
Arrow S04E18 – Eleven-Fifty-Nine  CW Wed 8/7 Oliver and Diggle learn that Merlyn is going to try to break Darhk out of prison.
Supernatural S11E18 – Hell's Angel  CW Wed 9/8 Lucifer takes a trip home and tries to assert himself into Heaven. Crowley tells Sam and Dean he has a way to take down Amara.
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S01E10 – Progeny  CW 8/7 Rip tells the team they are headed to the future to take out a powerful ally that Savage needs in order to conquer the world.
The 100 S03E10 – Fallen  CW Thu 9/8 Jaha employs a terrifying new method to convince Abby to join his cause, Kane is on a mission, and Bellamy is hit with a hard truth.
Archer S07E02 – The Handoff FX 10/9 Archer and Lana make a tricky handoff while the rest of the gang hears the best voicemail ever.
Sleepy Hollow S03E18 – Ragnarok FOX Fri 8/7 After a startling discovery, Abbie and Crane realize what they must do in order to make Pandora's box complete again.
The Vampire Diaries S07E17 – I Went to the Woods  CW Fri 8/7 In the aftermath of his brother's fateful decision, Stefan awakens to find himself thrown into a life or death situation with only his basic instincts to rely on.
Grimm S05E16 – The Believer  NBC Fri 9/8 An evangelical preacher has a tent revival unlike any other when he uses his Wesen identity to gain more believers.
The Originals S03E17 – Behind the Black Horizon  CW Fri 9/8 When its discovered that Freya has been kidnapped, the Mikaelson brothers are forced to put aside their differences in order to save her before it’s too late.
Wynonna Earp S01E02 – Keep the Home Fires Burning SYFY Fri 10/9 Wynonna attracts some unwanted attention after returning to Purgatory; at the same time, she struggles to keep her impetuous nature in check while trying to conform to the rules imposed by the Black Badge Division.
Saving Hope S03E01 – Heaven Can Wait (repeat) ION Fri 11/10 Repeat.
Animals S01E10 – Turkeys.  HBO Fri 11:30/10:30 After his wife is taken from him, a turkey seeks revenge on The Mayor during the Thanksgiving parade.
Saving Hope S03E02 – Kiss Me Goodbye (repeat) ION Fri 12/11 Repeat.
Outlander S02E01 – Through a Glass, Darkly STARZ Sat 9/8 Jamie and Claire arrive in France, where they hope to infiltrate the Jacobite rebellion and put a stop to the Battle of Culloden.
Beowulf S01E12 – Episode 12 ESQ Sat 10/9 The battle of all battles falls upon the people of Herot. Men, woman and children brace themselves to wage a brutal attack with Beowulf.

Return Dates

Currently Airing Series Date Network
11-22-63 Mon  HULU
The 100 Thu CW
Animals Fri HBO
Archer Thu FX
Arrow Wed  CW
Beowulf Sat ESQ
Bitten Mon  SYFY
Blindspot Mon  NBC
Damien Mon  A&E
DC's Legends of Tomorrow Thu CW
The Flash Tue  CW
Gotham Mon  FOX
Grimm Fri  NBC
iZombie Tue  CW
The Last Man on Earth Sun FOX
Limitless Tue CBS
Lucifer Mon  FOX
The Magicians Mon  SYFY
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Tue  ABC
The Muppets Tue ABC
Once Upon a Time Sun  ABC
The Originals Fri CW
Saving Hope Tue ION
Shadowhunters Tue FREE
Sleepy Hollow Fri FOX
Stitchers Tue  FREE
Supergirl Mon CBS
Supernatural Wed  CW
The Vampire Diaries Fri  CW
The Walking Dead Sun  AMC
Wynonna Earp Fri SYFY
Returning  Series Date Network
12 Monkeys Apr 18 SYFY
Beauty and the Beast Jun 2  CW
Deadbeat Apr 20  HULU
Doctor Who  Dec 25 BBCA
Fear the Walking Dead Apr 10  AMC
Game of Thrones Apr 24 HBO
Good Witch Apr 17  HALL
Orphan Black Apr 14  BBCA
Outlander Apr 9  STARZ
Penny Dreadful May 1  SHO
Person of Interest May 3  CBS
Powers May 31  PSN
Wayward Pines May 25  FOX
Zoo Jun 28 CBS
Renewed Series Returns Network
American Horror Story Fall 2016  FX
Ash vs Evil Dead Fall 2016 STARZ
Between Spring 2016  NETFLIX
Black Mirror Spring 2016 NETFLIX
Colony Spring 2017 USA
Dark Matter Summer 2016 SYFY
The Expanse Jan 2017  SYFY
From Dusk Till Dawn Summer 2016 ELREY
Humans Summer 2016 AMC
Killjoys Summer 2016 SYFY
The Last Ship Summer 2016 TNT
The Leftovers Fall 2016 HBO
The Librarians Fall 2016 TNT
Man in the High Castle 2016  AMAZON
Marvel's Jessica Jones 2017 NETFLIX
Salem Spring 2016 WGN
Sense8 Spring 2016 NETFLIX
Star Wars: Rebels Wed DXD
The Strain Summer 2016 FX
Twin Peaks Summer 2017 SHO
 Z Nation Fall 2016  SYFY
Upcoming New Series Date Network
American Gods Fall 2016  STARZ
American Gothic Jun 22 CBS
Beyond 2016 FREE
Braindead Jun 13  CBS
Cleverman 2016  SUND
Containment Apr 19  CW
Dead of Summer Summer 2016 FREE
Emerald City Spring 2016 NBC
The Frankenstein Chronicles 2016 A&E
Houdini & Doyle May 2  FOX
Hunters Apr 11  SYFY
Incorporated Fall 2016 SYFY
Kong: King of the Apes Apr 15 NETFLIX
The Living and the Dead 2016 BBCA
Marvel's The Defenders 2016 NETFLIX
Marvel's Iron Fist 2016-2017 NETFLIX
Marvel's Luke Cage Sep 30  NETFLIX
The Other Kingdom Apr 10 NICK
Outcast Jun 3  Cinemax
People of Earth 2016 TBS
Preacher May 22 AMC
Stranger Things Jul 15 NETFLIX
Thunderbirds Are Go Apr 15 AMAZON
Time Traveling Bong Apr 20 COM
Westworld Spring 2016 HBO

*Each season being Emmy award eligibility of first airing between June 1 and May 31.
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