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SFTV Grid: August 2-8, 2015 – Stitchers and Atlantis finales.

SFTV Grid:  August 2-8, 2015 – Stitchers and Atlantis finales.

Scripted genre TV schedule for the week of August 2-8, 2015, the 1oth week of the 2015-16 season.*

Programming Notes:
Season Finale   Stitchers
Series Finale Atlantis

Program Grid

Show Episode Network Day/Time Teaser
Humans S01E06 – Episode 6 AMC Sun 9/8 The Hawkins family are at their lowest ebb ever. With Joe in exile and the children fed up with their parents' lies, Laura finally decides it's time to be honest.
The Last Ship S02E08 – Safe Zone TNT Sun 9/8 Still trying to piece together Dr. Hunter's lost formula, Rachel grapples with the fact that Niels, her sworn enemy, is now on board Nathan James.
Falling Skies  S05E06 – Respite  TNT Sun 10/9 Injured, Tom takes refuge with a unique family who has distanced themselves from the fight, giving him a glimpse of life without war.
The Strain S02E04 – The Silver Angel  FX Sun 10/9 Eph and Nora finally see their lethal virus in action.
Teen Wolf S05E07 – Strange Frequencies  MTV Mon 10/9 Following an attack by the Dread Doctors, Scott's plan to protect the latest victim is complicated.
The Whispers S01E09 – Broken Child ABC Mon 10/9  Claire, Sean, Wes and Lena attempt to unravel the past of a man who first encountered Drill over 30 years ago.
The Flash S01E11 – The Sound and the Fury (repeat)  CW Tue 8/7 Repeat.
iZombie  S01E09 – Dead Air (repeat)  CW Tue 9/8  Repeat.
Stitchers S01E10 – Full Stop  FAM Tue 9/8  The Stitchers team is on the defense when Cameron and Detective Fisher are targeted in a shooting.
Zoo S01E06 – This is What it Sounds Like  CBS Tue 9/8 While searching for a solution to the bat problem in Rio de Janeiro, Mitch and Chloe are kidnapped by the local drug lord and Abraham must come to the rescue.
Proof S01E08 – Reborn  TNT Tue 10/9 When a grieving mother claims she's found the reincarnation of her dead son in one of Carolyn's patients, a young piano prodigy, the lines between Carolyn's proof investigations and professional life begin to blur.
Extant S02E06 – You Say You Want an Evolution  CBS Wed 9/8  Molly panics when she discovers she is changing physically – the question is into what, and whether she can reverse what's happening to her.
Extant S02E07 – The Other  CBS Wed 10/9 Molly and JD try to convince Shepherd to broker a peace between humans and hybrids.
Mr. Robot S01E07 – eps1.6_v1ew-s0urce.flv USA Wed 10/9 Elliott disappears. Mr. Robot attempts to pull fsociety back together. Angela clashes with a former nemesis.
Beauty and the Beast  S03E09 – Cat's Out of the Bag  CW Thu 8/7 After a force more powerful than anything they have ever encountered ruined Cat and Vincent's big day, Cat becomes convinced they are in over their heads.
Dominion S02E05 – Son of the Fallen  SYFY Thu 10/9 While Arika plots to take Vega from Claire, David has to choose whether to help Claire or the rebels.
Under the Dome S01E08- Breaking Point  CBS Thu 10/9 Big Jim, Julia, Joe, Norrie and Hunter join together to form a resistance against Christine.
Defiance S03E09 – SYFY Fri 8/7 Nolan suffers from hallucinations due to the arkbrain implants, causing him to endanger delicate negotiations between Amanda, the VC, and T'evgin.
Gotham S01E15 – The Scarecrow (repeat) FOX Fri 9/8 Repeat.
Killjoys S01E08 – Come the Rain  SYFY Fri 9/8 A toxic Black Rain storm causes John and Pawter to take shelter in the Royale overrun with a gang of dangerous criminals.
Dark Matter  S01E09 – Episode Nine SYFY Fri 10/9  Four leaves the ship to take part in a reckless mission to reclaim his past. The crew wonder whether they should rescue him or let fate decide his future.
Atlantis S02E12 – The Queen Must Die, Part 2 BBCA Sat 11/10  To succeed he will need to return to Atlantis but with traitors at every turn it is more dangerous than ever.

Return Dates

Returning  Series Date Network
American Horror Story Oct. 7 FX
Arrow Oct. 7 CW
Blindspot Sept. 21 NBC
Continuum Sept. 11 SYFY
Doctor Who Sept. 19 BBCA
The Flash Oct. 6 CW
From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series Aug. 25 El Rey
Gotham Sep. 21 FOX
Grimm Oct. 30 NBC
Haven Oct. 8 SYFY
iZombie Oct. 6 CW
The Last Man on Earth Sept. 27 FOX
The Leftovers Oct 4 HBO
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Sep. 29 ABC
Once Upon a Time Sep. 27 ABC
The Originals Oct. 8 CW
Sleepy Hollow Oct. 1 FOX
Supernatural Oct. 7 CW
The Vampire Diaries Oct. 8 CW
The Walking Dead Oct. 11 AMC
Z Nation Sept. 11 SYFY
Upcoming New Series Date Network
Angel from Hell Nov. 5 CBS
The Expanse Dec. 14 SYFY
Fear the Walking Dead August 23 AMC
Heroes  Reborn Sep. 24 NBC
Limitless Sep. 22 CBS
Minority Report Sep. 21 FOX
The Muppets Sep. 22 ABC
Supergirl Oct. 26 CBS

*Each season being Emmy award eligibility of first airing between June 1 and May 31.
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