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SFTV Grid: June 28 – July 4, 2015 – Humans, Zoo premiere

SFTV Grid: June 28 – July 4, 2015 – Humans, Zoo premiere

Scripted genre TV schedule for the week of June 28 – July 4, 2015, the fifth week of the 2015-16 season.*

Programming Notes:
Note Series
New Series Humans, Zoo
New Season Falling Skies, Teen Wolf, Extant
Season Finale Salem, Olympus

Program Grid

Show Episode Network Day/Time Teaser
Humans S01E01 – Episode 1 AMC Sun 9/8  The Hawkins family decide to buy a 'Synth' called Anita which can help with everything from washing dishes to homework.
The Last Ship S02E03 – It's Not a Rumor  TNT Sun 9/8 Nathan James returns home to Norfolk on a mission to produce and mass distribute the cure.
Falling Skies  S05E01 – Find Your Warrior TNT Sun 10/9 Tom's life is left hanging in the balance as his beamer drifts out into space. Tom runs into a surprising guest.
Penny Dreadful S02E09 – And Hell Itself My Only Foe  SHO Sun 10/9 Vanessa ends up going it alone to battle Evelyn and try and save Sir Malcolm.
Salem S02E13 – The Witching Hour WGN Sun 10/9 A new supernatural dynasty starts.
The Originals S02E22 – Ashed to Ashes (repeat) CW  Mon 8/7 Repeat.
Teen Wolf S05E01 – Creatures of the Night MTV Mon 10/9  Scott and his friends find themselves being challenged by the arrival of a new enemy.
The Whispers S01E05 – What Lies Beneath ABC Mon 10/9 Claire speaks with Sean, who has no memories of her or their life together, and tries to get him to remember something… anything about his past.
The Flash S01E06 – the Flash is Born (repeat)  CW Tue 8/7 Repeat.
iZombie  S01E03 – The Exterminator (repeat)  CW Tue 9/8  Repeat.
Stitchers S01E05 – Stitcher in the Rye  FAM Tue 9/8 Kirsten stitches into the chaotic memories of a conspiracy theorist.
Teen Wolf S05E02 – Parasomnia MTV Tue 9/8  Stiles attempts to prove his suspicions about a new classmate are justified. Lydia attempts to help a student.
Zoo S01E01 – First Blood CBS Tue 9/8  Jackson Oz, an American ex-pat safari guide living in Africa, discovers a link between strange animal attacks on people occurring around the world and his late father's controversial theories about an impending threat to the human race.
Proof S01E03 – Showdown TNT Tue 10/9 Carolyn and her team investigate the case of an Iraq war vet who claims to have PTSD from a past life experience during the Korean War.
Arrow S03E06 – Guilty (repeat) CW Wed 8/7 Repeat.
Supernatural S10E06 – Ask Jeeves (repeat) CW Wed 9/8 Repeat.
Extant S02E01 – Change Scenario CBS Wed 10/9  Six months after her life unraveled and dark secrets were revealed, Molly is confined to a psychiatric hospital when she learns of bizarre deaths that sound eerily similar to those she witnessed in space.
Mr. Robot S01E02 – eps.1.1_ones-and-zer0es.mpeg  USA Wed 10/9 Elliot is torn between accepting a job offer from an evil corporation and joining the fsociety hacker group.
Beauty and the Beast  S03E04 – Heart of the Matter CW Thu 8/7 Cat and Vincent take their relationship to a couples counselor when Cat dives into her work and suspects a wealthy transplant recipient of being involved with the mysterious experiments on innocent people in the city.
The Vampire Diaries S06E22 – I'm Thinking of You All The While (repeat) CW Thu 9/8 Repeat.
Wayward Pines S01E07 – Betrayal FOX Thu 9/8 After discovering the truth behind Wayward Pines, Ethan finds a bomb planted in his car, which makes him question people whom he thought he could trust.
Under the Dome S01E03 – Redux CBS Thu 10/9 The residents of Chester's Mill try to move on with their lives in the aftermath of their mysterious experience in the tunnels beneath town.
Killjoys  S01E02 – The Sugar Point Run (repeat)  SYFY Thu 10/9  Repeat.
Olympus S01E13 – Truth  SYFY Thu 11/10 A man us transformed from a fresh-faced youth following some dramatic experiences.
Defiance S03E05 – History Rhymes  SYFY Fri 8/7 Amanda and Doc Yewll must enlist the Omec for help rescuing Nolan and Irisa, who have fallen into an unexpected and potentially fatal tour of their own past.
Gotham S01E11 – Rogues Gallery (repeat) FOX Fri 9/8 Repeat.
Killjoys S01E03 – The Harvet  SYFY Fri 9/8 Dutch and John look for a missing migrant worker on Leith.
Dark Matter  S01E04 – Episode Four SYFY Fri 10/9  After the crew makes a stopover at a space station to restock and rest, things do not go as expected.
Atlantis S01E08 – The Madness of Hercules  BBCA Sat 9/8 Jason has been sentenced to death for killing the Oracle and it looks like there is anything anybody can do to save him including Ariadne.
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell S01E04 – Education of a Magician? BBCA Sat 10/9 Jonathan begins to develop an increasing fascination with the magic of the Raven King and it creates a wedge between him and Norrell, who is determined to stop him resurrecting the dark powers of ancient times.

Return Dates

Returning  Series Date Network
Arrow Oct. 7 CW
Dominion Jul. 9 SYFY
The Flash Oct. 6 CW
From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series Aug. 25 El Rey
Gotham (Sep. 21), Grimm Oct. 30 FOX
iZombie Oct. 6 CW
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Sep. 29 ABC
The Messengers Jul 10 CW
Once Upon a Time Sep. 27 ABC
The Originals Oct. 8 CW
Sleepy Hollow Oct. 1 FOX
The Strain Jul 12 FX
Supernatural Oct. 7 CW
The Vampire Diaries Oct. 8 CW
Upcoming New Series Date Network
Angel from Hell Nov. 5 CBS
Heroes  Reborn Sep. 24 NBC
Limitless Sep. 22 CBS
Minority Report Sep. 21 FOX
The Muppets Sep. 22 ABC
Reactor Jul. 16 SYFY
Supergirl Oct. 26 CBS
Zoo Jun. 30 CBS

*Each season being Emmy award eligibility of first airing between June 1 and May 31.
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