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SFTV Grid, Week 34: Jan. 25-31, 2015 – Galavant bows out before sweeps.

SFTV Grid, Week 34: Jan. 25-31, 2015 – Galavant bows out before sweeps.

Scripted genre TV schedule for the week of Jan. 25-31, 2015, the 34th week of the 2014-2015 season.*

Programming Notes:
Note Series
Season Finale  Galavant
Series Return Dates Agents of SHIELD (Mar. 3), Game of Thrones (Apr. 12), Once Upon a Time (Mar. 1), Outlander (Apr. 4), The Walking Dead (Feb. 8)
Hiatus Atlantis
Upcoming The Last Man on Earth (Mar. 1 – FOX)

Program Grid

Show Episode Network Day/Time Teaser
Galavant S01E07 – My Cousin Izzy (Death After Brunch) ABC Sun 8/7 hinking about being in a relationship, Isabella wants Galavant to try to impress her parents with attentive small talk, but he's confident that breaking everyone out of prison will impress them and save them from certain death.
Galavant S01E08 – It's All in the Executions ABC Sun 8:30/7:30 Galavant enlists King Richard in a plot to kill Kingsley before the duel… but ends with a drunken whimper.
Resurrection S02E13 – Love in Return ABC Sun 9/8  Preacher James and his congregation of Returned all descend upon the Langston house to stop Rachael's baby from being born.
Gotham S01E13 – Welcom Back, Jim Gordon  FOX Mon 8/7  When the key witness in a homicide ends up dead while being held for questioning by the police, Gordon suspects that it's an inside job and looks to an old friend for information.
The Originals S02E11 – Brotherhood of the Damned  CW Mon 8/7  Armed with more power than ever, Vincent creates an elaborate spell that allows him to take the upper hand and trap his brothers Klaus and Elijah.
Sleepy Hollow S02E14 – Kali Yuga FOX Mon 9/8 With the help of Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny, Nick Hawley faces off against his evil childhood caretaker, and Captain Frank Irving adjusts to his new… life(?).
The Flash S01E11 – The Sound and the Fury CW Tue 8/7  Dr. Wells' former protégée, Hartley Rathaway, returns to seek revenge on his mentor after being affected by the particle accelerator explosion.
Marvel's Agent Carter S01E04 – The Blitzkrieg Button ABC Tue 9/8 Peggy may be in more trouble than usual when fugitive Howard Stark suddenly returns for mysterious reasons.
Supernatural S10E11 – There's No Place Like Home  CW Tue 9/8  Sam is scanning the internet for suspicious paranormal activity and comes across a video of Charlie beating up a district attorney.
Forever S01E08 – 6 a.m. (repeat)  ABC Tue 10 Pacific Repeat.
Arrow S03E11 – Midnight City CW Wed 8/7  Arsenal and Diggle confront Laurel about trying to step into her sister's shoes and warn her to stop before she gets herself killed.
The 100  S02E10 – Survival of the Fittest CW Wed 9/8  Lives are at risk as Clarke and Lexa encounter a new enemy.
Hindsight S01E04 – A Very Important Date VH1 Wed 10/9  Lolly and Jamie attend Grumpy Rick's annual Halloween party. Becca has her eyes on Andy.
The Vampire Diaries S06E12 – Prayer for the Dying  CW Thu 8/7  When Liv and Luke's father arrives to town to celebrate their birthday, they try and convince him to let Jo and Kai take their place in the merge ceremony.
Archer S06E04 – Edie's Wedding FX Thu 10/9  Pam takes Archer to her sister's wedding but gets side-tracked with technical difficulties.
Constantine S01E11 – A Whole World Out There NBC Fri 8/7  Manny sends John to help an old friend, Ritchie Simpson, at Ivy University where a group of students have a found a way into an alternate dimension.
12 Monkeys S01E03 – Cassandra Complex Syfy Fri 9/8 Cole's search for the location of the virus leads him to 2014, and to a devastating moment in Dr. Railly's life involving a dangerous outbreak in Haiti.
Grimm S04E11 – Death Do Us Part NBC Fri 9/8  Monroe and Rosalee are finally off on their honeymoon, but that doesn't mean trouble isn't stirring in Portland.
Helix S02E03 – Scion Syfy Fri 10/9  Jordan and Peter travel outside the safety of the abbey to retrieve some specimens and discover just what's living in the woods; at the same time, Sister Amy plots to make the CDC team leave forever.
No genre programming scheduled.

*Each season being Emmy award eligibility of first airing between June 1 and May 31.
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