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SFTV Grid, Week 30: Dec. 21-27, 2014

SFTV Grid, Week 30: Dec. 21-27, 2014

Scripted genre TV schedule for the week of Dec. 21-27, 2014, the 30th week of the 2014-2015 season.*

Programming Notes:
Note Series
Special   Doctor Who (Dec. 25), Black Mirror (Dec. 25)
New Episodes  The 100 (Jan. 21), Agents of SHIELD (Mar. 3), Arrow (Jan. 21), Constantine (Jan. 9), The Flash (Jan. 20), Forever (Jan. 6), Gotham (Jan. 5), Grimm (Jan. 9), Once Upon a Time (Mar. 1), The Originals (Jan. 19), Outlander (Apr. 4), Resurrection (Jan. 4), Sleepy Hollow (Jan. 5), Star Wars Rebels (Jan. 5), Supernatural (Jan. 20), The Vampire Diaries (Jan. 22), The Walking Dead (Feb. 8)
Hiatus Atlantis
Season Premiere  Archer (Jan. 8), Black Sails (Jan. 24), Helix (Jan. 16)
Upcoming 12 Monkeys (Jan. 16 – Syfy),  Agent Carter (Jan. 6 – ABC), Galavant (Jan. 4 – ABC), Hindsight (Jan. 7 – VH1), The Last Man on Earth (Mar. 1 – FOX)

Program Grid

Show Episode Network Day/Time Teaser
The Librarians S01E04 – And Santa's Midnight Run TNT Sun 8/7 When the Serpent Brotherhood wants to kill Santa, the Librarians must rescue him and help him accomplish the true, secret purpose of Christmas.
Gotham S01E03 – Balloonman (repeat) FOX Mon 8/7 Repeat.
Scorpion S01E05 – Shorthanded (repeat) CBS Mon 10/9 Repeat.
Sleepy Hollow S02E03 – Go Where I Send Thee… (repeat) FOX Mon 9/8 Repeat.
The Flash S01E05 – Plastique (repeat)  CW Tue 8/7 Repeat.
Shrek the Halls Special (repeat) ABC Tue 8/7 Christmas classic.
Supernatural S10E06 – Ask Jeeves (repeat) CW Tue 9/8 Repeat.
It's a Wonderful Life Special (repeat) NBC Wed 8/7 Christmas Classic.
Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol Special (repeat) CW Wed 8/7 Christmas Classic.
Merry Madagascar Special (repeat) CW Wed. 9:22/8:22 Christmas special.
Scorpion S01E04 – Plutonium is Forever (repeat) CBS Wed 10/9 Repeat.
How the Grinch Stole Christmas Special (repeat) ABC Thu 8/7 Christmas Classic (animated).
Doctor Who S01E13 – Last Christmas BBCA Thu 9/8  The Doctor, Clara and Santa Claus go on a dangerous sleigh ride through space and time.
Black Mirror S03E01 – White Christmas DTV Thu 9:30/8:30  Matt tries to get Joe to talk about why he accepted the job at the outpost, a topic they have never discussed in the five years they have worked together.
Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special (repeat) FOX Fri 8/7 Christmas special.
Sleepy Hollow S02E05 – The Weeping Lady (repeat) FOX Sat 9/8 Repeat.

*Each season being Emmy award eligibility of first airing between June 1 and May 31.
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