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SFTV Grid, Week 24: Nov. 9-15, 2014; Supernatural 200th episode, Atlantis returns

SFTV Grid, Week 24: Nov. 9-15, 2014; Supernatural 200th episode, Atlantis returns

Scripted genre TV schedule for the week of Nov. 9-15, 2014, the 24th week of the 2014-2015 season.*

Programming Notes:
Note Series
Returning Series Atlantis (Sat)
Special Supernatural 200th Episode (Tue)
Hiatus Outlander (Apr. 4)

Program Grid

Show Episode Network Day/Time Teaser
Once Upon a Time S04E07 – The Snow Queen ABC SUN 8/7 Emma captures the Snow Queen and interrogates her at the sheriff's station.
Resurrection S02E07 – Miracles ABC SUN 9/8 Rachael refuses treatment for the virus, fearing for her unborn child.
Walking Dead S05E05 – Self Help AMC SUN 9/8  While on a mission, the group is confronted by new problems that test their ability to survive.
Gotham  S01E08 – The Mask FOX Mon 8/7 Gordon and Bullock investigate a Gothamite who runs a deadly fight club for candidates applying for a job at his financial firm.
The Originals S02E06 – Wheel Inside the Wheel CW Mon 8/7 Fed up with her antics, Klaus becomes agitated and demands that Esther release Elijah.
Scorpion S01E08 – Risky Business CBS Mon 9/8 Team Scorpion enlists the help of a musician who created a controversial algorithm that generates hit songs to help find the murderer of a music blogger.
Sleepy Hollow S02E08 – Heartless FOX Mon 9/8 Crane and Abbie set out to take down a succubus whom Henry has sent out to drain the life forces out of its victims.
Star Wars Rebels S01E06 – Out of Darkness DXD Mon 9/8 While on a supply run, Hera and Sabine find themselves stranded but not alone in a seemingly abandoned locale.
The Flash S01E05 – Plastique CW Tue 8/7 After a bomb goes off downtown, the army, led by General Eiling, rolls in and takes over the case, much to Joe's surprise.
Agents of SHIELD S02E07 – The Writing on the Wall ABC Tue 9/8 The team discovers murder victims with the alien glyphs on them that Coulson's been etching.
Supernatural S10E05 – Fan Fiction CW Tue 9/8 When Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate the disappearance of a teacher, they are stunned to see the school is putting on a musical based on their lives. Familiar faces abound in this milestone episode.
Forever S01E09 – The Ecstacy of Agony ABC Tue 10/9  Henry and Jo discover there is a fine line between pleasure and pain when the death of a successful businessman and devoted husband points to a form of ritualized punishment.
Person of Interest S04E07 – Honor Among Thieves CBS 10/9 Shaw joins a team of international thieves in order to keep tabs on the latest POI, but an unexpected turn of events puts her in danger of being detected by Samaritan.
Arrow  S03E06 – Guilty CW Wed 8/7 After a body is found strung up in the Wildcat gym, Ted Grant becomes the main suspect.
The 100 S02E04 – Many Happy Returns CW Tue 8/7 After being betrayed by someone she thought she could trust, Clarke takes matters into her own hands and proves she's not going down without a flight.
American Horror Story S04E06 – Bullseye FX Wed 10/9 Elsa unveils a dangerous new act.
Almighty Johnsons, The S02E03 – Charlie Truman SYFY Wed 11/10 The brothers celebrate Mike's new bar with a party, which ends on a sad note for Axl when his crush Gaia gets romantic with a complete stranger.
The Vampire Diaries  S06E07 – Do You Remember the First Time? CW Thu 8/7  When the past comes back to haunt her, Elena is forced to face her problems head on.
Almighty Johnsons, The S02E04 – Death's Cleansing Embrace SYFY Thu 11/10 Ty must decide whether to call the police on Agnetha, or help her cover up Eva's murder.
Haven S0510 – Mortality SYFY Thu 7/6 Dr. Cross could expose Haven's secrets to the outside world but does she have her own agenda.
Gotham S01E07 – Penguin's Umbrella (repeat) FOX Fri 9/8 Repeat.
Grimm S04E04 – Dyin' on a Prayer NBC Fri 9/8 Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) are called to an unusual crime scene with a victim who appears to have died from clay-induced asphyxiation.
Constantine S01E04 – A Feast of Friends NBC Fri 10/9 When Constantine's old friend Gary Lester accidentally releases a powerful demon in Atlanta, John is forced to determine exactly what he is prepared to sacrifice in his battle with the underworld.
Z Nation  S01E10 – Going Nuclear SYFY Fri 10/9 The survivors are having to square off against their radioactive zombies in a South Dakota.
Atlantis S02E01 – Atlantis BBCA Sat 9/8  Queen Ariadne turns to Jason to help battle Pasiphae and prevent her kingdom from collapsing.

*Each season being Emmy award eligibility of first airing between June 1 and May 31.
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