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SFTV Grid, Week 12: August 17-23, 2014

SFTV Grid, Week 12: August 17-23, 2014

Scripted genre TV schedule for the week of August 17-23, 2014, the 12th week of the 2014-2015 season.

Programming Notes:
Note Series
New Series Intruders (Sat 9/8)
Specials Doctor Who: The Ultimate Timelord (Mon)
Returning Series  Doctor Who

Program Grid

Show Episode Network Day/Time Teaser
The Last Ship  S01E09 – Trials TNT Sun 9/8 Rachel and Chandler ask for six volunteers to participate in human trials of her vaccine, but the tests could be a living hell as the virus and the vaccine do battle inside their bodies.
True Blood S07E09 – Love is to Die HBO Sun 9/8 Sookie retreats in confusion. Sam makes a choice. Jason exercises uncharacteristic restraint, while Eric faces a dilemma after being caught in a lie.
Witches of East End S02E06 – When a Mandragora Loves a Woman LIFE Sun 9/8  Joanna and Alex hope to put their differences aside to try and finally find the Mandragora. Freya asks Dash for helping trying to save Ingrid. Wendy questions were Freddy's loyalty lies.
Falling Skies  S04E09 – Till Death Do Us Part TNT Sun 10/9 While members of the 2nd Mass attempt to dig out a shot-down Beamer, Tom and a small team follow the Volm to a supply cache in search of equipment to expedite the process.
The Leftovers  S01E08 – Cairo HBO Sun 10/9 Kevin fears he's losing touch with reality after inexplicably finding himself in a difficult situation involving Patti Levin, a leader of the Guilty Remnant.
The Lottery  S01E05 – Crystal City LIFE Sun 10/9 The two hundred lottery finalists are announced by the President and his wife and they get ready for the opening night reception. 
The Strain  S01E06 – Occultation FX Sun 10/9 Eichhorst has one final job for Gus, while Setrakian realizes that the coming eclipse is the tipping point for virus infection and the beginning of the end.
Doctor Who Special – The Ultimate Timelord BBCA Mon 9/8 Special.
Teen Wolf  S04E09 – Perishable MTV Mon 10/9 Scott and Liam are targeted by an assassin during the lacrosse team's annual bonfire; Lydia discovers a family secret.
Under the Dome  S02E08 – Awakening CBS Mon 10/9 When Barbie enlists his father's help to reach out to Julia, he realizes that Don may know more about the Dome than he is letting on.
Arrow  S02E19 – The Man Under the Hood  (repeat) CW Tue 8/7 Repeat.
Supernatural  S09E17 – Mother's Little Helper (repeat) CW Tue 9/8 Repeat.
Person of Interest  S03E20 – Death Benefit (repeat) CBS Tue 10/9 Repeat.
The 100  S01E09 – Unity Day  (repeat) CW Wed 9/8 Repeat.
Extant  S01E07 -More in Heaven and Earth CBS Wed 9/8 Convinced the agency has her baby, Molly is determined to find out where.
Extant  S01E08 -Incursion CBS Wed 10/9 When Molly learns that her baby is alive, she sets out with Kern and Kryger to devise a plan to intercept the baby before Sparks and Yasumoto can relocate him.
Defiance  S02E10 – Bottom of the World SYFY Thu 8/7 A deadly mine collapse leaves Amanda and Pottinger trapped, and it's a race against the clock for Nolan and Rafe to save them.
Sleepy Hollow  S01E08 – Necromancer (repeat) FOX Thu 8/7 Repeat.
The Vampire Diaries  S05E17 – Rescue Me (repeat) CW Thu 8/7 Repeat.
Defiance  S02E11 – Doll Parts SYFY Thu 9/8 Nolan searches for Irisa, leaving Amanda to take on the deputy's badge just as a shocking murder rocks Defiance.
The Originals  S01E17 – Moon Over Bourbon Street (repeat) CW Thu 9/8 Repeat
The Almighty Johnsons  S01E07 – Bad Things Happen SYFY Fri 10/9 Axl reluctantly confesses his secret to Zeb after he overhears Axl saving Anders from three vengeful former girlfriends, and Mike wins big when he visits a casino.
Doctor Who S08E01 – Deep Breath  BBCA Sat 8/7 The Doctor arrives in Victorian London, were he finds a dinosaur running rampant in the Thames.
Intruders S01E01 – She Was Provisional BBCA Sat 9/8 A secret society devoted to chasing immortality by seeking refuge in the bodies of others.
Outlander  S01E03 -The Way Out STARZ Sat 9/8 Claire needs to use her medical skills to escape Castle Leoch and tends to a sick child with Jamie's help.

Each season being Emmy award eligibility of first airing between June 1 and  May 31.
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