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Supernatural makes TV history as No. 6 on list of most SFTV episodes

Supernatural makes TV history as No. 6 on list of most SFTV episodes

A bit of SFTV history happened this month – and most missed it:

Veteran CW series, Supernatural aired its 179th episode this week.

In doing so, – it passed Star Trek: The Next Generation and Charmed, which both had 178 episodes in the can at their respective series’ end.

This makes Supernatural  6th on the list of SFTV series with the most episodes in television history.

# Show Genre Seasons Episodes
1 Bewitched Urban Fantasy, Sitcom 8 254
2 Smallville Super Hero 10 218
3 Stargate SG1 Science Fiction 10 214
4 Touched By an Angel Urban Fantasy 9 211
5 X-Files Science Fiction 9 202
6 Supernatural Urban Fantasy 9 179*
7 Charmed Urban Fantasy 8 178
8 Star Trek: The Next Generation Science Fiction 7 178
9 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Science Fiction 7 176
10 Star Trek: Voyager Science Fiction 7 172

*still in production

With 23 episodes ordered for this year in total, Supernatural will end the season with 195 episodes, where it still will be behind No. 5, The X-Files. If Supernatural is renewed for another 23-episode season, it will end the 2014-2015 television year with 218 episodes, tied with Smallville (its Friday night companion for several years) as the SFTV drama having the most episodes in American television history.

NOTE: This list does not count reality shows or serialized fare like soap operas or other shows that regularly show or showed more than one new episode per week, such as the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers ot the original Doctor Who, which spread out an episode’s story arc over several days each week. 

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