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SFTV Grid Week 9: Nov. 17-23, 2013

SFTV Grid Week 9: Nov. 17-23, 2013

Scripted genre TV schedule for the week of November 17 – November 23, 2013 – the ninth week of the 2013-2014 season.

New Series: Almost Human (Sun and Mon FOX), Atlantis (Sat on BBCA)

New Season: Nikita (Fri on CW)

Special: Doctor Who (Friday on BBCA) a documentary followed by a docudrama TV Film; Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor – 5oth Anniversary movie special.

Preempted: The Originals (for Lady Gaga special), Grimm & Dracula (JFK Special)

Fall Finales: Ravenswood (Tue on FAM), Revolution (Wed on NBC)

Show Episode Network Day/Time Teaser
Almost Human (special night) S01E01 – Pilot FOX Sun 8/7 The year is 2048. Meet John Kennex, a cop who survived one of the most catastrophic attacks ever made against the police department. After waking up from a 17-month coma, he can't remember much – except that his partner was killed.
Once Upon a Time S03E08 – Think Lovely Thoughts ABC Sun 8/7 Pan leads Henry to a secret cave, where he has convinced the boy that he alone can save magic and Neverland itself.
Walking Dead S04E06 – Live Bait AMC Sun 9/8 A familiar face returns as each member of the group struggles to find his or her humanity in a world of constant threats.
Witches of East End S01E07 – Unburied LIFE Sun 10/9 The shifter summons a familiar face; Ingrid discovers something startling from her past; a novelist comes to East End to research his new book; Wendy tries to get serious with Leo; Joanna reads Freya's tarot cards.
Almost Human S01E02 – Skin FOX Mon 8/7 Detective John Kennex and Dorian are dispatched to investigate a murder and high-profile missing persons case that lead them into the highly profitable world of IRCs – Intimate Robot Companions – also known as sexbots.
Beauty and the Beast S02E07 – Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? CW Mon 9/8 After Vincent's life is endangered, Cat decides they should spend Thanksgiving with her father in order to get information on Vincent's missions.
Sleepy Hollow S01E08 – Romancer FOX Mon 9/8 Ichabod, Abbie, Captain Irving and Jenny Mills (guest star Lyndie Greenwood) join forces and face the Headless Horseman.
Agents of SHIELD S01E08 – The Well ABC Tue 8/7 In the aftermath of the events chronicled in the feature film THOR: THE DARK WORLD, Coulson and The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pick up the pieces — one of which threatens to destroy a member of the team.
Ravenswood S01E05 – Scared to Death FAM Tue 9/8 The gang makes discoveries both horrifying and intriguing while investigating what they're up against.
Supernatural S09E07 – Bad Boys CW Tue 9/8 Dean gets a call from an old friend named Sonny (guest star Blake Gibbons) asking for help with a ghost.
Person of Interest S03E09 – The Crossing CBS Tue 10/9 Danger closes in when the battle to bring the crime organization HR to justice reaches new heights.
Arrow S02E07 – Stave v. Queen CW Wed 8/7 Oliver is concerned when a mysterious illness sweeps the city, infecting hundreds of people, including Diggle.
Revolution S02E09 – Everyone says I Love You NBC Wed 8/7 he relationship between Rachel and Gene remains strained as Charlie shows her mom how much she's grown.
Tomorrow People S01E07 – Limbo CW Wed 9/8 When Stephen decides to have some fun with his newfound powers, Jedikiah takes extreme measures to make sure it doesn't happen again.
American Horror Story: Coven S03E07 – The Dead! FX Wed 10/9 Fiona finds new purpose in a dangerous love affair.
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland S01E06 – Who's Alice ABC Thu 8/7 [no teaser available]
The Vampire Diaries S05E08 – Dead Man on Campus CW Thu 8/7 At Whitmore College, Elena and Caroline decide it's time to throw a big party, but their plans are interrupted when Jesse suddenly needs Caroline's help.
Reign S01E06 – Chosen CW Thu 9/8 An attempt to scare Mary causes Queen Catherine to take drastic measures to make sure the guilty party is caught.
Doctor Who Special BBCA Fri 8/7 Clips Show and 50 year recap.
The Neighbors S02E09 – Thanksgiving is no Schmuck Bait ABC Fri 8:30/7:30 Marty and Debbie are hoping for an uneventful Thanksgiving, but their hopes are dashed when Marty's father arrives with a suitcase and informs the family that, after fifty years of marriage, he and Marty's mother are getting divorced.
Doctor Who Special BBCA Fri 9/8 The story of how it all began. What do you get when you mix C.S. Lewis with H.G. Wells, and sprinkle in a bit of Father Christmas? An alien Time Lord exploring space and time in a Police Box spaceship called the "TARDIS."
Nikita S04E01 – Wanted CW Fri 9/8 Nikita is still on the run after she was framed for the assassination of the President of the United States.
Haven S04E011 – Monster's Ball SYFY Fri 10/9 The Seekers follow a monster to Haven; their presence threatens to reveal the town's Troubles to the entire world.
Doctor Who Special – Day of the Doctor BBCA Sat 7/6 The Doctors Embark on their greatest adventure through space and time.
Atlantis S01E01 – The Earth Bull BBCA Sat 9/8 After Jason goes looking for his father he ends up being washed up on the shores of a mysterious land full of mythical creatures, soothsaying oracles and palaces.

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