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SFTV Grid Week 7: Nov 3-8, 2013

SFTV Grid Week 7: Nov 3-8, 2013

Scripted genre TV schedule for the week of November 3 – November 9, 2013 – the seventh week of the 2013-2014 season.

Show Episode Network Day/Time Teaser
Once Upon a Time S03E06 – Ariel ABC Sun 8/7 Back in the Fairy Tale Land that was, when Ariel saves Snow White from drowning in the ocean's depths, Snow returns the favor by helping her new friend get acquainted with Prince Eric, with whom she has fallen madly in love with.
Walking Dead S04E04 – Indifference AMC Sun 9/8 Obstacles are encountered by the group members on a mission to find supplies. Meanwhile, conditions at the prison get worse
Witches of East End S01E05 – Electric Avenue LIFE Sun 10/9 Ingrid finds a unique way to mourn for Adam; Joanna and Harrison take their friendship to the next level; Freya meets Dash's former fiancĂ©e when she returns to deal with some unfinished business.
Beauty and the Beast S02E05 – Reunion CW Mon 9/8 Cat gets a blast from the past as she attends her high school reunion, where she uncovers more of her past than she ever anticipated.
Sleepy Hollow S01E06 – The Sin Eater FOX Mon 9/8 When Ichabod Crane goes missing, his wife, Katrina, appears to Lt. Abbie Mills in a vision warning her that the Headless Horseman will return to Sleepy Hollow by nightfall.
Agents of SHIELD S01E06 – F.Z.Z.T. ABC Tue 8/7 When floating bodies turn up, Coulson and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D must hunt down an elusive killer.
The Originals S01E06 – Fruit of the Poisoned Tree CW Tue 8/7 When Klaus discovers Hayley's life is being threatened, he goes to extreme lengths to protect her and their unborn baby.
Ravenswood S01E03 – Believe FAM Tue 9/8 In order to prove to Luke that something otherworldly is happening, the gang decides to hold a seance.
Supernatural S09E05 – Dog Dean Afternoon CW Tue 9/8 While investigating two bizarre murders, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) realize there is an eyewitness to both gruesome deaths – a German Sheppard.
Person of Interest S03E07 – The Perfect Mark CBS Tue 10/9 The number comes up of a hypnotherapist whose life, upon investigation by the POI team, suggests he is more than just a master of the mind.
Arrow S02E05 – League of Assassins CW Wed 8/7 While Oliver tends to the Canary's wounds, he tries to get her to talk about where she came from but she refuses.
Revolution S02E07 – The Patriot Act NBC Wed 8/7 When Rachel discovers some unsettling truths, Miles does what he does best to overcome obstacles before him and those he cares about.
Tomorrow People S01E05 – All Tomorrow's Parties CW 9/3 After Stephen breaks Ultra protocol during a training exercise, Jedikiah's mysterious boss insists on meeting Stephen.
American Horror Story: Coven S03E05 – Burn, Witch. Burn! FX Wed 10/9 Besieged by Marie Laveau's army, Zoe unleashes a new power.
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland S01E04 – The Serpent ABC Thu 8/7 When the Knave's life is in danger, Alice has to make the tough decision on whether to use one of her three precious wishes and what that would mean for her and Cyrus.
The Vampire Diaries S05E06 – Handle With Care CW Thu 8/7 Silas happily announces his new goal to Damon and Elena, but they are skeptical when he promises to accomplish one important task in return for their help.
Reign S01E04 – Hearts and Minds CW Thu 9/8 Mary has to decide if she is willing to lie and sentence a man to death in order to have King Henry let her out of her engagement to Prince Francis.
The Neighbors S02E07 – We Jumped the Shark (Tank) ABC Fri 8:30/7:30 Debbie creates and designs a unique purse and Jackie gets them booked onto "Shark Tank" to find an investor.
Grimm S03E03 – A Dish Best Served Cold NBC Fri 9/8 A series of disturbing crime scenes leads Nick and Hank to the resurrection of an old feud that's all too familiar for Nick and Monroe.
Dracula S01E03 – Goblin Merchant Men NBC Fri 10/9 Grayson takes Lady Jayne as a lover even as he investigates her lethal connections to The Order of the Dragon.
Haven S04E08 – Crush SYFY Fri 10/9 Grayson seeks to determine whether Lady Jayne is a vampire hunter for the Order of the Dragon.

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