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Radiotimes readers pick Tennant as top Doctor

Radiotimes readers pick Tennant as top Doctor

With well over half the vote, it wasn’t close as the readers of Radiotimes picked David Tennant’s tenth Doctor as their favorite Doctor Who, according to a recent Radiotimes poll.

The race was tighter for favorite companions in the Doctor Who series, with the top three being Rose Tyler, Sarah Jane Smith and Donna Noble. No other companion got a percentage in the double digits, although RIver Song came close with more than 9% of the vote.

The complete results are below:

Top Doctors

% Vote Actor Doctor
56.1 David Tennant Tenth
15.93 Matt Smith Eleventh
10.05 Tom Baker Fourth
6.59 Christopher Eccleston Ninth
2.86 Patrick Troughton Second
2.38 Jon Pertwee Third
1.59 Peter Davison Fifth
1.36 Sylvester McCoy Seventh
1.35 Paul McGann Eighth
0.90 William Hartnell First
0.88 Colin Baker Sixth

Top Companions

% Vote Character Actor Doctor
25.09 Rose Tyler Billie Piper 9 & 10
15.42 Sarah Jane Smith Elisabeth Sladen 3, 4 & 10
12.32 Donna Noble Catherine Tate 10
9.09 River Song Alex Kingston 10 & 11
4.79 Amy Pond Karen Gillan 11
4.10 Jamie McCrimmon Frazer Hines 2
3.49 Capt. Jack Harkness John Barrowman 10
3.09 Ace Sophie Aldred 7
2.65 Clara Oswald Jenna-Louise Coleman 11
2.54 Martha Jones Freema Agyeman 10
2.39 Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart Nicholas Courtney 2
1.89 Romana Mary Tamm, Lalla Ward 4
1.80 Rory Williams Arthur Darvill 11
1.26 Wilfred Mott Bernard Cribbins 10
1.14 K-9 John Leeson, David Brierly 4
1.01 Jo Grant Katy Manning 3
0.97 Leela Louise Jameson 4
0.83 Tegan Jovanka Janet Fielding 4 & 5
0.73 Peri Brown Nicola Bryant 5 & 6
0.67 Barbara Wright Jacqueline Hill 1

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