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‘Almost Human’ dominates scripted broadcast prime time

‘Almost Human’ dominates scripted broadcast prime time

In preliminary overnight broadcast ratings, FOX’s new series, Almost Human eclipsed the Sunday competition – driving ABC’s Once Upon a Time, which also aired  in the 8/7 time slot, to an all-time lowest rating.  The new science fiction action drama moves to Mondays with a new episode airing tonight.

Almost Human‘s percentage of the 18-to-49-year-olds watching TV Sunday night was at least double that of any other prime time drama on the major networks.

The bad news for ABC: With a preliminary rating of 1.9 in the 18-to-49 demographic, OUAT  not only has its lowest-ever rating for a new episode, the series has fallen below the threshold that modern networks use to determine if a show is a hit with audiences or not.

The good news for ABC: The match-up of OUAT against Almost Human was a one-shot deal; as explained above, the FOX show moves to Mondays starting tonight. Next week, OUAT is being preempted by the American Music Awards. So, ABC has time – and a lrge awards-show audience – to promote Once Upon a Time in hopes to draw in more viewers.

Preliminary Overnight Ratings

Scripted series, Sunday, November 17, 2013

18-49 Rating Show Network Time Total Viewers % of 18-49-yo watching
3.1 Almost Human FOX 8/9 9.10 8%
2.2 Family Guy FOX 9:30/8:30 4.33 5%
1.9 Once Upon a Time ABC 8/9 6.60 5%
1.8 The Simpsons FOX 9/8 4.13 4%
1.5 Revenge ABC 9/8 5.80 4%
1.4 The Good Wife CBS 9/8 9.65 3%
1.3 The Mentalist CBS 10/9 9.48 3%
0.9 Betrayal ABC 10/9 3.40 2%

Source: Neilsen

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