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SFTV Week 3: American Horror Story debut tops 18-49 demo ratings

SFTV Week 3: American Horror Story debut tops 18-49 demo ratings

This week, while Person of Interest continues to be the most-watched genre TV show among all viewers, the debut of American Horror Story‘s third season on FX brought in sizable ratings for a cable series, and its 3.0 rating made the show No.1 in the coveted 18-49-year-old demographic that advertisers flock toward.

Two other series also premiered with decent results, The Tomorrow People on the CW bowed in with an initial 2.32 million viewers and a 1.2 rating for its time slot – good enough to be the third-most-watched show on the network, above former ratings powerhouse, The Vampire Diaries, which is in its fifth season and appears to be losing momentum as half the cast went to struggling spin-off series, The Originals.

Lifetime got into the genre TV game with Witches of East End, which attracted just under 2 million viewers and a 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demo – a respectable beginning to a TV-MA rated cable series.

Perhaps the most disappointing news was the sophomore season debut of Beauty and the Beast, it started its second season as the lowest-rated genre TV show on a broadcast network in its very tough time slot against Sleepy Hollow, FOX’s No.1 rated scripted show (even beating out the much-hyped Glee tribute episode to series star, Cory Monteith, who died this past summer).

Expect pressure for B&TB to be moved to any time slot that does not have buzz-worthy genre competition (perhaps, a Friday pairing with fellow actioner, Nikita) if the show is to survive for a third season, which appears unlikely with its current ratings performance.

This week, Sleepy hollow, adding to its accomplishments,  passed ABC’s Agents of SHIELD to be the most-watched new genre series of the season.

SFTV ratings ranked by sheer number of viewers for the third week of the 2013-2014 television season:

(Ratings for Haven are not expected until Monday afternoon and this article will be updated at that time.)

Ratings: Sun 10/4 – Sat 10/12/13

Show   Episode  Network   Day/Time Viewers (million) 18-49 #/%
Person of Interest S03E03 – Lady Killer CBS Tue 10/9 11.65 2.0/6
Sleepy Hollow S01E04 – The Lesser Key of Solomon FOX Mon 9/8 7.96 2.8/7
Agents of SHIELD S01E03 – The Asset ABC Tue 8/7 7.87 2.8/9
Once Upon a Time S03E02 – Lost Girl ABC Sun 8/7 7.65 2.5/7
Simpsons S25E02 – Treehouse of Horror FOX Sun 8/7 6.31 2.9/8
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland S01E01 – Down the Rabbit Hole ABC Thu 8/7 5.82 1.7/5
American Horror Story: Coven S03E01 – Bitchcraft FX Wed 10/9 5.54 3.0/9
Revolution S02E03 – Love Story NBC Wed 8/7 5.45 1.5/5
The Neighbors S02E04 – The One With Interspecies ABC Fri 8:30/7:30 4.12 0.9/3
Once Upon a Time (repeat) S03E01 – The Heart of the Truest Believer ABC  Sun 7/6 2.88  0.6/2
Arrow S02E01 – City of Heroes CW Wed 8/7 2.74 0.9/3
Supernatural S09E01 – I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here CW Tue 9/8 2.59 1.2/3
Tomorrow People S01E01 – Pilot CW Wed 9/8 2.32 0.9/2
Sleepy Hollow (encore) S01E04 – The Lesser Key of Solomon FOX Fri 9/8 2.22 0.7/2
The Vampire Diaries S05E02 – True Likes CW Thu 8/7 2.14 1.0/3
Witches of East End S01E01 – Pilot LIFE Sun 10/9 1.93 0.7/2
The Originals S01E02 – House of the Rising Sun CW Tue 8/7 1.92 0.9/2
Haven S04E05 – The New Girl SYFY Fri 10/9 1.59 0.4/1
The Originals (encore) S01E02 – House of the Rising Sun CW Thu 9/8 1.22 0.5/1
Tomorrow People (encore) S01E01 – Pilot CW Fri 9/8 1.00 0.3/1
Beauty and the Beast S02E01 – Who Am I? CW Mon 9/8 0.86 0.3/1
Wolfblood  S01E05 – Occam's Razor   DIS   Tue 8/7  0.33 0.3/1

Source: Nielsen Media Research

Last updated: October 14, 2013 at 17:29 pm

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