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SFTV Grid Week 5: ‘Dracula,’ ‘Ravenswood’ debut, ‘Grimm’ returns

SFTV Grid Week 5: ‘Dracula,’ ‘Ravenswood’ debut, ‘Grimm’ returns

Scripted genre TV schedule for the week of October 20-26, 2013 – the fifth week of the 2013-2014 season.

Series Premiere: Ravenswood (FAM Tue 9/8 p.m.), Dracula (NBC Fri 10.9 p.m.)

New Season Premiere: Grimm (NBC 9/8 p.m.).

Show Episode Network Day/Time Teaser
Once Upon a Time S03E04 – Nasty Habits ABC Sun 8/7 Mr. Gold makes a decision to confront Pan, but will he go there to save Henry or give in to the prophecy that the boy will be his undoing?
Walking Dead S04E02 – Infected AMC Sun 9/8 As the group faces a brand new enemy, Rick and the others must fight to protect the livelihood they worked so hard to create at the prison.
Witches of East End S01E03 – Today I am a Witch LIFE Sun 10/9 Ingrid struggles with the consequences of the resurrection spell.
Beauty and the Beast S02E03 – Liar Liar CW Mon 9/8 Catherine and Vincent track a mysterious beast while keeping their individual agendas from one another in a clever game of cat-and-mouse.
Sleepy Hollow (repeat) S01E01 – Pilot FOX Mon 9/8 Ichabod Crane wakes up in the 21st century but finds his 18th-century nemesis, the Headless Horseman, has also come along for the ride.
Agents of SHIELD S01E05 – Girl in the Flower Dress ABC Tue 8/7 An elusive girl in a flower dress may hold the key to the mystery that brings Coulson and team to Asia to rescue a young man with an unusual and dangerous power.
The Originals S01E04 – Girl in New Orleans CW Tue 8/7 With the annual Dauphine Street music festival around the corner, Davina, itching for a night out, convinces Marcel to let her attend.
Wolfblood S01E10 – Call of the Wild DIS Tue 8/7 While hanging out in the woods Maddy, Rhydian, Tom and Shannon notice that someone (or something) is spying on them.
Ravenswood S01E01 – Pilot FAM Tue 9/8 After opting to stay in Ravenswood to help out new pal Miranda, Caleb begins to rethink his decision, especially after he meets Miranda's cold and unwelcoming uncle Raymond.
Supernatural S09E03 – I'm No Angel CW Tue 9/8 Ezekiel tells Dean (Jensen Ackles) a group of angels is hunting Castiel (Misha Collins).
Person of Interest S03E05 – Razgovor CBS Tue 10/9 When Shaw is tasked to stay close to a 10-year-old identified by The Machine, she grudgingly develops respect for the young girl's skills in surveillance and realizes it could be the very reason why her number has come up.
Arrow S02E03 – Broken Dolls CW Wed 8/7 Lance learns a criminal named Barton Mathis, whom he put away years ago, broke out of prison during the quake and is back to torturing and murdering women.
Revolution S02E05 – One Riot, One Ranger NBC Wed 8/7 Aaron and Rachel speculate on the extreme effects of Nano technology, while he also confides in Cynthia.
Wolfblood S01E11 – Eolas DIS Wed 8/7 Rhydian starts dabbling with his Eolas powers in school and showing off to his friends.
Tomorrow People S01E03 – Girl, Interrupted CW Wed 9/8 Stephen reluctantly attends a party with Astrid, but is startled when he hears that one of his classmates is in peril.
American Horror Story: Coven S03E03 – The Replacements FX Wed 10/9 Fiona takes on an unlikely protégé. A guilt-ridden Zoe tries to give Kyle his old life back.
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland S01E03 – Forget Me Not ABC Thu 8/7 In a flashback, viewers are introduced to Will Scarlet, who turns out to be the nifty Knave of Hearts.
The Vampire Diaries S05E04 – For Whom the Bell Tolls CW Thu 8/7 While Mystic Falls observes its traditional Remembrance Day to honor the dead, Damon and Elena try to help Stefan through a confusing time, a task that ends up taking Elena on an emotional journey of her own.
Wolfblood S01E12 – Caged DIS Tue 8/7 When Maddy and Rhydian transform in the woods, they are captured by self-proclaimed "beast-hunter" Kyle Weathers.
Reign S01E02 – Snakes in the Garden CW Thu 9/8 When Simon, an English envoy, tells Mary that the English are aware of her fragile engagement to Francis, Mary and Francis put on a show to protect their alliance.
The Neighbors (repeat) S01E05 – Halloween-ween ABC Fri 8:30/7:30 The Weavers look forward to their first Halloween in the suburbs, but first have to sell the idea of trick-or-treating to the Zabvronians, who have always viewed the holiday with suspicion.
Grimm S03E01 – The Ungrateful Dead NBC Fri 9/8 A panicked Juliette, Monroe, and Rosalee enlist Hank's help in fending off a zombie hoard while trying to figure out what happened to Nick.
Dracula S01E01 – Pilot NBC Fri 10/9 New to England, Alan Grayson hosts a lavish party. He becomes fixated on Mina, a beautiful young woman who looks like his dead former love.
Haven S04E07 – Lay Me Down SYFY Fri 10/9 A trouble that turns dreams into deadly nightmares plagues the residents of Haven; at the same time, Duke finds himself in a difficult situation dealing with his pain-in-the-neck brother.
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