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‘Vampire Diaries’ loses cast member as Matt Davis joins ‘Cult’

Matt Davis

Matt Davis

Actor Matt Davis, who plays the popular Alaric Saltzman, vampire hunter/history teacher on the CW’s top-rated Vampire Diaries is leaving his post to join the cast of new CW series Cult, as its male lead, according to a report at

Cult is centered around a fiction TV series “show-within-a-show” of the same name that has an avid fandom base … and maybe some of the fans take it too seriously and are acting out the crimes committed on the show. As people start to go missing, a TV production assistant named Skye Yarrow, played by Jessica Lucas (Cloverfield, The Covenant), starts looking for connections.

In his new role, Davis will play the lead male character, Jeff Sefton, a blogger/journalist (another “slash” profession just like Diaries) whose brother is among the missing.

Spoiler Alert: The character's future is discussed

But fans of Vampire Diaries needn’t worry that his character will be killed off, the report says although he will no longer be a regular cast member, Davis will make guest appearances on the series in upcoming years, reprising his role as the go-to vampire hunter.

This also leaves open the possibility for his return if Cult does not work as planned out for the network.

Previously announced cast includes:

  • Robert Knepper (Heroes, Stargate: Universe) as fictional actor Roger Reeves, who plays the TV cult leader, Billy Grimm, and
  • Alona Tal (“Jo” from Supernatural) as an actress on the TV series.

Although the announcement is still officially just for a pilot, such a high-profile casting decision from the network’s signature show – with the network’s blessing – is a sign of confidence from the CW brass that the series is headed for a pick-up for the 2012-13 season.

Cult is a series originally written by Rockne O’Bannon for the WB network many years ago after Farscape was cancelled by the Sci Fi Channel in 2002. It has languished in development hell as the WB merged with UPN to form The CW. It wasn’t until a new CW programming chief was named last year that the show was dusted off and given a second look.


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