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CW names Scott Wolf, Craig Horner, Amber Stevens to lead sci-fi musical Joey Dakota

CW’s in-development show, Joey Dakota, apparently could not decide on one genre so it chose a handful: time travel, action thriller, comedy and musical.

Currently in development and ordered to pilot, the network had named Legend of the Seeker star Craig Horner as the title character – a 1990s rocker whose death changes a generation (Kurt Cobain, anyone?).

The hero of this story is not the very-dead-by 2012 Dakota, but a documentary filmmaker.

Yes, a documentary filmmaker as hero. She is name Maya Beaumont and is played by actress Amber Stevens (Greek, The Amazing Spider-Man) who is mysteriously transported back to 1990, meets Dakota and falls in love with him before being transported back to 2012.

The crux of the show – she must fins a way to travel back in time to try to save her music love.

To do this, she will need the help of the mysterious Franklin Morgan, played by Scott Wolf (V, Everwood, Party of Five) who may know what she needs of time travel. But the pitfalls are the “butterfly effect” disastrous consequences of her actions.

Scott Wolf

Amber Stevens

Craig Horner

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