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Bryan Fuller to bring ‘Lotus Caves’ to Syfy

Bryan Fuller

Bryan Fuller (Image via Wikipedia)

Finally, someone is trying to bring back space opera to television, at least, according to Entertainment Weekly.

In “The Ausiello Files” TV section, EW columnist Andy Patrick reports that Syfy has hired Bryan Fuller to adapt John Chrisopher’s novel, The Lotus Caves into s script for a possible series.

Among SFTV fandom, Fuller is known both as the creator of Pushing Daiseis as well as the main writer for some of the best episodes of Heroes (or, when Heroes didn’t suck) and as the creator of cult classics, Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me.


It’s set on a future Lunar colony where the colonists tumble upon the fact that intelligent aliens have set up shop on our moon in the caves for a very long time.

But a final caveat – this is just a production deal. It’s for a pilot script and series treatment. There is no guarantee that this show willa ctually make it on the air.

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