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Today in SF – June 10, 2010

Sci-fi icon named UC San Diego grad speaker

UCSD's Geisel Library. It has been featured in...
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San Diego Union Tribune
Maybe this is what comes of being a utopian science fiction writer-people tend to share with me their hopes. It’s a great thing to experience.

Wired News

‘Predators’ Comics Boot Up Film’s Sci-Fi Mercenaries
Wired News
So it’s no surprise that Predators ‘ is also riding on the strength of big shots like Rodriguez, Brody and sci-fi and horror superstars like Laurence
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Review: Excellent sci-fi thriller Splice is something special
By Tony Robinson, movie critic Don’t let the generic advertising fool you. Splice is a superior horror film, although it’s safe to say it’s probably nothing

Colorado Springs Independent

Theatrically-inclined pop sensation Janelle Monáe uses science fiction to
Colorado Springs Independent
Like a hip-hop performance-art answer to Sun Ra’s space-age daydreams, Monáe’s science fiction themes bleed over into her persona and lead to public
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Tubefilter News

Lettieri of SciFinal Blazing Paths for Online SciFi
Tubefilter News
The SciFinal team has always been an advocate of independent production, specifically when it comes to the promotion of scifi. Tubefilter had a chance to

BOOK REVIEW: Sci-fi novel looks forward
Milpitas Post
“Flashforward,” Robert Sawyer’s science fiction story begins in Geneva where two physicists, Lloyd Simcoe and Theo Procopides, are about to conduct a major
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Davies: It’s International, But Wales Is At Heart Of ‘Torchwood’
Airlock Alpha
By ALAN STANLEY BLAIR Jun-10-2010 Fans waiting with bated breath to hear if BBC would move its science-fiction series for adults, “Torchwood,” to the United

‘Big Bang Theory’ and ‘V’ among shows heading to Comic-Con
Entertainment Weekly
by Lynette Rice Image Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSABC’s science-fiction show V and the network’s cult-fave Castle will have a presence at the annual Comic-Con

Star Trek: The Motion Pictures
LA Weekly
Thirty three years after the first film’s release, Star Wars remains the dominant cinematic sci-fi franchise, far outpacing Star Trek both commercially and


Science fiction short-film contest – Boing Boing
By Cory Doctorow
Aspiring sf film makers, take note: “From June 4 through September 15, 2010, the Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival will accept short film submissions, up to 15 minutes in length, that have been produced after 2006 for entry
Boing Boing –

Sci-Fi Rides I’d Cruise In « Whatever
By John Scalzi
The rather astounding amount of travel I’ve had recently has put me in a mind to think about cool rides from science fiction films, so for my column this week, I’ve written about which science fictional conveyances I’d
Whatever –

By Keith Aiken
One title of particularly interest to SciFi Japan readers will be JOHNNY SOKKO AND HIS FLYING ROBOT (1967), the Americanized version of the Japanese FX show GIANT ROBO (Jaianto Robo). Fox Home Entertainment has announced that the
SciFi Japan – / Science fiction and fantasy / Blog posts / Splice: The
By Sarah Langan
I took a friend to see Splice on opening night, at the Court Street Theater in Brooklyn, where crowds regularly hoot, holler, and shout “Oh no he didn’t!” In short, the perfect venue for a science fiction-horror-sub nuclear family / frontpage –

Sci-fi icon named UCSD grad speaker – San Diego Union Tribune
By admin
Sci-fi icon named UCSD grad speaker. San Diego Union Tribune Maybe this is what comes of being a utopian science fiction writer-people tend to share with me their hopes. It’s a great thing to experience. …
Scifi Picks –
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