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Vampirella gets Dynamite new home

After languishing in recent years at Harris Publications and its bizarre fight with Fangoria, the 40-year-old Vampirella comic book franchise has a new home with Dynamite Entertainment.

“Vampirella is one of the most well known and longest running comic characters in the history of the business,” Nick Barrucci, Dynamite’s president said in a March 17 press release. “Outside of Marvel and DC characters, very few comics characters that debuted in the 60’s still resonate with fans today.”

Created by N3F member, the late Forrest J Ackerman, as a mix of costumed superhero and horror heroine, Vampirella joins Dynamite’s growing stable of household name titles such as Green Hornet,  Red Sonja and Buck Rogers. Niether a price tag nor a target launch date for the first issue of Vampirella under the Dynamite brand was announced with news of the sale.

Vampirella debuted in 1969 as a black-and-white title, but with memorable art by Frank Frazetta, the comic – the first to feature a vampire as the lead hero – quickly made a name for itself, spawning horror title imitaions at both Marvel and DC.

During its storied past, many writers have penned issues of the comic, including Alan Moore, Mark Millar, Grant Morrision, James Robinson, Jeph Loeb and Warren Ellis. After Frazetta left, other artists to step into his shoes in the following four decades included  Joe Quesada, J. Scott Campbell, Michael Turner, Jae Lee, Adam Hughes, Mark Texeira, Joe Jusko, and Arthur Suydam.

Read the official Dynamite press release here:

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