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N3F: The e-Fan 18 (TNFF Vol. 8 No. 2&3)

N3F: The e-Fan 18 (TNFF Vol. 8 No. 2&3)

Thish is edited by me, Ruth R. Davidson, after a bit of bribery. The cover art is by the supremely talented siblings Lee & JJ MacFaddden. I love the cover art! The N3F Elections are really exciting. I can hardly wait to vote! I haven’t been this excited for our own elections for a couple of years. It feels great.
I enjoyed the Historical Vignettes by Jon D. Swartz and Reviews edited by Jon.

Here is the table of contents:
2 Bureaus & Activities w/ art credits
3 2008 Officers w/ table of content
4 President’s Message
7 Historical Vignettes
8 Reviews
12 The Best of
22 A Fantasy CD Preview Review
24 Bureau & Activities Reports
24 N’APA
24 Round Robins
25 Web Mistress
25 Treasurer’s Report
26 Blind Services
26 Secretary Reports & Roster
29 Tightbeam – Letters of Comment
30 Constitution & Bylaws w/ changes
34 Things to Think About
34 Submission Guidelines
35 2008 Short Story Contest

You can download the public version (personal information removed) here:

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