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Review of Reviews: Igor’s appeal may be limited

Review of Reviews: Igor’s appeal may be limited

OPENS: September 19, 2008
RATING: PG (Scary scenes, Violence)
GENRE: Fantasy, Animation, Comedy

The Weinstein Company releases its latest entry in animated film with Igor, a French import featuring a top-notch American cast.

A spoof of American horror movie stereotypes, the film follows the exploits of a hunchback who isn’t willing to settle for being a mindless servant to an evil genius.

According to critical reviews, Igor gets points for a winning premise, but most negative criticism is aimed at a script that is supposedly a little too unpolished for what today’s audiences expect in computer animation.

Other critics pointed out that this film seemed a little schizophrenic in that a plot tailor made for an adult audience is awkwardly shoehorned into a kiddie flick movie with mixed results.

Of the positive notes, all t=of the critics point out that the cast is talented – perhaps to the point of being better than the material they are reading.



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