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Top 10 Genre Movies: Dark Knight dethroned by Ben Stiller

After more than a month as the top-grossing film in theatres, The Dark Knight was knocked aside as box office king this past weekend by Ben Stiller’s Tropic Thunder, a non-genre comedy.

Still, out of Genre films, the latest Batman installment reigned supreme, finishing second overall with a weekend take of just under $17 million, bringing the film’s North American haul to $471.5 million ($735 million worldwide).

Weekend sales pushed Dark Knight to the No. 2 all-time box office champion, passing the original Star Wars: Episode 4′ s gross of $461 million (including sales from Star Wars‘ recent re-releases).

Speaking of Star Wars. the animated film, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, also made history this weekend. It is the first Star Wars film not to debut as No. 1 in box office sales with $15.5 million in tickets sold. The other animated kiddie flick debuting this weekend, the 3-D Fly Me to the Moon sold $2 million in tickets.

Gore horror flick, Mirrors, starring Kiefer Sutherland bowed in with more than $11 million in ticket sales despite negative reviews from critics. 

Rounding out new genre releases is the religious-themed Luke Wilson film, Henry Poole is Here, which opened in limited release and sold $800 thousand in tickets over the weekend.

Movies dropping out of the Genre Top 10: Hellboy 2, Wanted, Get Smart and The X-FIles 2.

Genre films set to debut next week: The Tom Cruise-produced Death Race, a re-imagining of the 1970s drive-in campy grind house classic, Death Race 2000. starring Jason Statham and Joan Allen.

Following are the Top 10 speculative fiction movies in release in North America for the weekend of August 15-17, 2008.

RANK #. (Overall Rank) Title – Weekend Gross | Total Gross [Budget]

  1. (2) The Dark Knight – $16.8 million | $471.5 million [$185 million]
  2. (3) Star Wars: The Clone Wars – $15.5 million | $15.5 million [unknown budget]
  3. (4) Mirrors – $11.1 million | $11.1 million [unknown budget]
  4. (6) The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor – $8.6 million | $86.6 million [$145 million]
  5. (11) Journey to the Center of the Earth – $3.5 million | $88.1 million [$60 million]
  6. (12) Fly Me to the Moon – $2.0 million } $2.0 million [$25 million]
  7. (13) WALL-E – $1.84 million | $214.1 million [$180 million]
  8. (14) Hancock – $1.80 million | $225 million [$150 million]
  9. (16) Space Chimps – $0.82 million | $27.6 million [$37 million]
  10. (17) Henry Poole is Here – $0.80 million | $0.80 million [unknown budget]


Source: Box Office Mojo – list only includes science fiction, spy fi, fantasy and dark fantasy/horror titles.

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