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The Dark Knight: A Fan’s Review

I came out of the theatre stunned. Simply stunned. Hands down, this is the BEST BATMAN MOVIE EVER. This movie is nine kinds of awesome. Yes, really. Okay, more than nine kinds but here are the nonspoiler versions.

1: Heath Ledger IS the Joker.
2: Aaron Eckhart IS Harvey Dent
3: Maggie Gyllenhaal IS Rachel Dawes (she should have been in the first one)
4: Gary Oldman IS Gordon
5: Christian Bale IS the Dark Knight, of course.
6: Morgan Freeman and Michael Cain were still AWESOME as Lucius Fox and Alfred.
7: The plot is not quite what you think it is.
8: The dialog was engaging.
9: The overall effects supported the themes and plot of the movie.

With all that said, this movie is NOT for kids. Seriously. Do NOT take your child to this movie. The Joker IS CREEPY and SCARY. This is no run of the mill Joker. He makes you laugh and yet you feel AWFUL for laughing. It’s full of violence (duh) but the type is not just explosions, though there are plenty of those, but it’s psychological as well. There are also some disturbing scenes. There’s very little sexual innuendo and not much profanity though.

*SPOILER ALERT!* If you do not want spoilers then do not read this section! Skip to the end. You have been WARNED.

My favorite scenes are following:

The Joker’s pencil trick. That was horrifyingly awesome.

The Joker sitting down next to Harvey Dent dressed up as a nurse.

The Joker attempting to blow up the hospital but his remote didn’t work immediately. He smacks it a few times and then jumps when it finally works.

Bruce Wayne absconding with the entire ballet cast as a cover for a mission.

The black inmate tossing the trigger to the bomb out the window.

Gordon faking his own death to protect his family from the Joker.

Harvey Dent’s change from the White Knight of Gotham to the Two Face. It was utterly believable and well done, and unexpected. I figured they were setting us up for the next movie, but nope.

Batman’s personal sacrifice to save the face of Gotham’s hope. He was the one who murdered the cops, and Harvey Dent was simply murdered by the Joker after the hospital incident. Dent was the hero Gotham needed while Batman is the hero Gotham deserved.

Other awesome things, the Joker’s broken speech and his lip licking tick. His motivation is to have fun. He’s intelligent, and plays mind games. He tells Batman that they need each other. . .

I love how you never find out how the Joker got his scars. It’s a different story each time he explains them.

*END* of spoilers. You may now read without concern!

Seriously, if you love Batman, see this movie. If you only moderately like Batman see this movie. If you want to see why this movie has been in the number one slot all month, see this movie. I want to see it again, in theatres, because it deserves that kind of love and attention. This movie will become a part of our DVD collection, which is saying something since we are rather picky about what movies we choose to pay up money for.

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