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Top 10 most-popular FanDominion posts for July

Listed below are the Top 10 most-popular FanDominion posts of Julye 2008:

  1. Fan Speak: A to R now available
  2. Review of Reviews: Is Hancock the most-hated blockbuster of 2008?
  3. Review: The Nines – the best little genre film of the past year
  4. Something to Fear: Review of “Fear Itself” episodes 1-7
  5. DVD Review: Jumper worth seeing as a rental
  6. Review of Reviews: Journey to the Center of the Earth’s eye-popping visuals save weak script
  7. Top 10 Genre Movies: Weekend crowds say ‘hell, yeah’ to Hellboy
  8. Dragon*Con announces dozens of celebrity guests
  9. Top 10 Genre Movies: Weekend of July 4, 2008
  10. Trailer: The Mutant Chronicles

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