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Where have I been? Or at least, why didn’t I notice this before? My husband and I have a sizeable collection of music. So when iTunes popped up with a song I didn’t recognize I thought, what’s this? Of course I go and look. It was called “Yoru no Melody” by Origa. It was nice. The vocals were lovely and sweet. There were very few actual words. The music was uplifting, almost carefree, with a hint of melancholy. The few actual words there were in the vocals were Japanese.

Curious about this I looked up Origa. Apparently she is a Japanese woman of Russian descent. She has worked with Yokko Kanno in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Gundam (both of which are sci fi anime).

I have 3.9 hours worth of Origa in my iTunes, how did I not know this? I suppose it was something my husband purchased at some point and never got around to telling me about it. It’s all labelled as pop, but it’s not like american annoying pop. This is subtle.

Here is a wikipedia article on her:>Origa She has a nice voice. Her music is not overly complex but is rich in its simplicity.

On youtube you can listen to “Rise” from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex:

However, after listening to a few songs, thus far Aurora is my favorite, and if you are a Final Fantasy X (a sci fi/fantasy mix RPG for the PS2) fan, you’ll like the video as well. It was suprisingly good. Spot on. I want a hi-rez version of it.

The song, “Yoru no Melody”, the one that caught my attention in the first place, is not on youtube or on though a few of her other songs are, including the two mentioned above. This is too bad because “Yoru no Melody” really does have a nice melody. It caught my attention while I was in the middle of doing some cleaning and I’ve listened to quite a few times already. Though, admittedly not nearly as much as I have with “Aurora.”

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  1. Just checked it out. Has a very New Age/trance vibe. No bad at all.

    Thanks for the head’s up.

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