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Iron Man, a Fan’s Review

I was surprised at how well this movie turned out. I was not certain whether or not Robert Downey Jr could pull off being Iron Man. I knew he could play a jerk and honestly still had Heart and Soul pictured whenever I thought of him. So other than the being a jerk part, Iron Man and Downey did not compute. However, Downey played a fantastic Iron Man and a fantastic Tony Stark.

First, the non-spoilers.

Basically it’s two movies. Tony Stark being a  massive self centered uncaring jerk, and then Iron Man kicking butt. All roles were well played. A red headed Gwyneth Paltrow played a great Pepper Potts.  There was a plot, and my suspension of disbelief was not taken out and shot.

This leads to them playing it straight. There was no winking at the camera, no commentary imbedded in the movie like there was in X-men (what would you rather wear yellow spandex?). It was completely straight. This is the world and how life is and here is what happened in this world. That is what made this movie so awesome.

The Iron Man suit was not all CG.  Some of it was actually created thus making the world feel real and made certain scenes even better.

If you are a comic book geek you must see this movie. If you are a Robert Downey Jr. fan you must see this movie, if you’re open minded about comic genre movies you must see this movie. It is in my opinion the BEST comic movie I have ever seen. Yes, really.

Here is the Official Iron Man Trailer on YouTube

I will relate to you some of my favorite scenes, so if you have yet to see this fine movie, cease to read now (unless you don’t mind it being spoiled for you).

*Warning! Entering the Spoiler Arena!*

Pepper Potts enters Starks lab with the glass doors and walls shattered.  She is looking at the floor shocked, and then when she looks up she is even more dumbfounded as she sees Starks robotic helpers taking off his new Iron Man suit. Potts says, “what’s going on here?” to which Stark replies, “Let’s face it this is not the worst thing you’ve caught me doing”

Stark arguing with his robot helper was hillarious.

Stark saying to Potts, “you know you’re thinking about that night on the balcony.” To which Potts replies after describing the balcony scene, “. . . and you just left me there? . . . That night?” Stark, actually feeling guilt and a bit wide eyed says, “Mm hm.” Only Pepper Potts can make Tony Stark feel guilty.

We are now LEAVING the spoiler arena. It is safe to read this part.

I think I’m done now anyway.

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