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A Movie Ratings Tool to Gage Content

Whilst reading and commenting on the Hancock movie review it occurred to me that with our current inconsistent rating system that FanDominion readers, especially those with children, may want something a bit more consistent. Thusly I will share with you a rather spiffy website that I find useful.

It is called

They have three categories to rate a movie, each category having a 0 to 10 scale, 10 being the worst (or the most) and 0 being the safest (or the least). The categories are Sex/Nudity, Violence/Gore,  and Profanity. The categories are always listed in that order. There is also a detailed listing of why the movies receive the ratings they do in each category.  In addition to that they include a section on instances of Substance Use, Discussion Topics, and the Message of the movie. What is a big plus for lots of folk is that this site is NOT affiliated with any sort of religious group and nor does it knock down movies with higher ratings. It simply gives you the facts. More details on how they do this is listed here:

Hancock received the following ratings:  Sex & Nudity 2, Violence & Gore 6, Profanity 5  (2.6.5 – I will now simply list the numbers in each rating category as I assume you are paying attention.)

The Incredible Hulk received  2.6.4

Iron Man received  4.7.4   I shall note that all three of these movies have a PG-13 rating. Yet the levels of sex violence and profanity are rather different.

WALL-E received 1.2.1 I must note that WALL-E is the most kid friendly summer movie this year. The fantasy story of Kung Fu Panda is close at a 1.3.1 (which is rated PG) and non-SFF Kit Kitteridge: An American Girl at a 1.3.1 (which is rated G).

Hm, those last two movies have the same ratings but according to the MPAA rating system one is rated PG, and the other G.  What’s the difference?  Why the different MPAA ratings? I personally do not know, however, these differences and inconsistencies between content and ratings further explains why I personally do not bother with ratings anymore but the content. This is why I find to be a useful tool in gaging what sort of movies I want to see and especially what movies I want my five year old daughter to see.

Happy Movie Hunting!

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