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“Yesterday” and Today, Music in SF/F

When I joined N3F many moons ago, I was fourteen. I really didn’t do much with it because I didn’t get this whole “be actively involved” idea as a fan. So, I wasted my big sister’s money. As I got older, but still only about sixteen or seventeen years old (still in high school basically) and rejoined, thanks again to the aforementioned sister, I wanted to start and run the Music Bureau in N3F (what get actively involved in fandom? Novel concept young one.). I got some pretty cool copies of high fantasy music tapes from someone who was interested in the bureau, which have since gotten lost.

However, bizarrely enough, what did NOT get lost, and was rediscovered today while I was unpacking and dealing with the remaining boxes of stuff after my fairly recent move, was my green spiral bound notebook labeled “Music Bu.” You can imagine my surprise when I saw this. Inside contains how and what I was going to do for the bureau.  Somehow this notebook has stayed with me when I left the nest and got married, moving to Vegas, then moving to Gimp City (my “pet” name for Yuba City), and then returning to San Jose where I am now.

I wanted to do an AudioZine! Now, there’s a nifty idea that’s probably more plausible now, but it wasn’t just gonna be people talking. This was gonna be 1-2 90 minute tapes long. The zine notes, which were to be on paper, would contain the group or artist name, the writer, the copyright and words (if applicable), album name, what movie (if applicable) and other such things. This could contain any and all types of music including original music by the members as long as nothing was risque or vulgar. Of course the focus was SFF. I reserved the right not to accept submissions (that’s probably not something I would have thought to include, so I’m sure the big sister fan was influencial in the way I wrote this stuff, though I must note, that I am not actually quoting myself entirely word for word).

Now, my youth at the time shows because I also had an idea for an Audio RR, which was very similar to the Audio Zine.  The difference was a 60 minute tape, with only ten minutes per RR member, and we were going to be talking to each other and have some music from SFF as well, so we apparently were going to be discussing the music we’re sharing with one another. It was also not directly controlled by me either. So it would have been more cut loose than the Audio Zine would have been.

I also had an idea for a general newsletter with the following column ideas, Latest music/the 90’s, Artist’s: Dead or Alive, Elementary Music Theory? (complete with question mark), Musical Info, Sheet Music, What Grooves and What Doesn’t, and Music in SF/F (the crux of the whole idea).

I also got my mother involved with the idea of allowing people to play or sing their songs on tape and have it notated with the first melody being for free. My mother is a musician and is real good at ear dictation, one of my uh, not so strong suits. I have to have a piano with me in order to do that stuff with any sort of accuracy.

And last but not least I had this whole “tell me about yourself” form to help me assess the interests of those wanting to get involved so I could better serve them. Unfortunately, I seem to recall that the tape recorder broke down, well, the record button stopped working, along with family and schools issues that this whole idea fell by the way side. . . I still think it’s a valid topic, and maybe I’ll stick a Music in SF/F in the N3F Forums that just started back up again.  Afterall, the music is what broke the series Andromeda for me. I couldn’t watch it because the music was that bad. . . On the other hand, it was the music that turned me on to Babylon 5, and it was the music that got me to play the sci fi MMORPG Anarchy Online, my first MMO experience. . .

Now the ideas and thoughts of my youth are returning to me, and you know they’re not half bad. I dunno if *I’d* wanna be the one to handle an online audio zine, that could be tricky, but it is definitely a neat idea, and I still believe that music plays an important part in the SF/F genres we love to watch so much.

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