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Torchwood Renewed for 3rd season – sort of…

Torchwood Renewed for 3rd season – sort of…

News from the BBC: Captain Jack Harkness will be back with more adventures in 2009 as Torchwood got the green light for more new episodes.

But in a disappointing turn for Torchwood fandom, the “season” will consist of only five new episodes, which begin filming in August.

This announcement comes after series creator Russel T. Davies said that after in 2009, he would be leaving BBC Wales, where he produces Torchwood as well as the newly invigorated Doctor Who series and spin-off Sarah Jane Adventures.

Doctor Who also is affected by Davies’ departure. It will have only 4 episodes in 2009 – which are being aired as specials on the BBC. There is no news whether Sci FI Channel, which airs Doctor Who in the U.S. will pick up those four specials next year.

In the United States, the five new Torchwood episodes are expected to air on BBC America beginning in January or February 2009.

David Speakman

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