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Studio tells new Flash Gordon star to bulk up

Flash Gordon TagEric Johnson, the actor cast as the new Flash Gordon (premieres August 10 at 9 p.m. ET on SCI FI), was told by producers he needed to look more like an action hero as they put him on a strict diet and exercise regimen.

The goal? More muscle mass and a manly-man physique for his shirtless scenes.

In modern science fiction TV, boyish good looks can only get you so far. In the more egalitarian 21st Century, it’s not only the women who must have the perfect figure.

Nowadays, male lead actors also have to sizzle on the hottie scale. This is especially so for shows on the Sci Fi Channel and CW, both of which are trying to attract more women viewers.

The sex appeal scale is even higher for a character like Flash Gordon, who is supposed to be the ultimate human physical specimen, an athletic star that can take on intergalactic adversaries in hand-to-hand combat.

Johnson, on the other hand – in his pre-Flash days – was always physically fit, but by no means was he buff and cut the way today’s SFTV fans demand of their male stars. Hence the order from above to hit the gym.

But who’s complaining? Well certainly not Mr. Johnson. The 27-year-old actor (he turns 28 August 7) says he likes the results. (As does his wife of three years, no doubt.)

34“It’s an incredibly empowering feeling. Training sessions last about an hour but are really intense,” Johnson told reporter Luain Lee. He says six high-protein meals a day and the work outs are helping him bulk up in ways he always wanted to.

As the season progresses, his admiring fans are apt to notice a more and more buff bod on the actor as his workout results continue to progress.

Johnson says now with his new and improving body, that he feels like a superhero. He better; he’s Flash Gordon.

David Speakman

David Speakman has spent more than two decades as a writer/editor, photographer, graphic designer and manager of creative teams in broadcast, print and the Internet. His education is in journalism, graphic design, organizational communication and law.
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