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DragonCon beefs up Farscape lineup

dconlogoThe following guests of honor have been added over the past seven days to this year’s DragonCon, which happens in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend:


  • Marie Croall – script writer of several comics and part of the team that created the RPG Fallen Earth
  • Dan Jolley – author of Alex Unlimited series and more, including the novelization of the forthcoming Iron Man film
  • Rebecca Moestra – writer of several Buffy and Trek novels

Film & TV:

  • farscapeGigi Edgley – Best known as Chiana from Farscape, also has appeared in The BeastMaster.
  • David Franklin – Best known for his role as Captain Braca on Farscape, Franklin also has appeared in Xena and Matrix Reloaded.
  • Lani John Tupu – The first baddie of Farscape, Tupu played Captain Crais and the voice of Pilot for the run of the series. He also has played roles on other shows, including Time Trax.

Comics & Art

  • Frank Brunner – Vampirella, Man-Thing, Silver Surfer
  • Crab Scrambly – Everything Can Be Beaten, 13th of Never

Live Acts:

  • The Serpenteens
  • Twisted Tower Dire
  • Lips Down on Dixie
  • Vainglory
  • Calabrese

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