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Cyberman and radio-controlled Dalek action figures

dalek-cyberMore action figures too cool for kids. A radio controlled black battle Dalek, a radio controlled glod Dalek, a commander Cyberman and two remote controls for 40 pounds. You pay the international shipping charges and they will ship in 24 hours.

Now you can take on the might and power of the Daleks in the ultimate test of combat and tactical skills as you face-off against the ultimate power in the universe!

12921Each Dalek in the battle pack is a fully functional radio controlled devise with full movement control, built in infrared combat system, sound effects and lights. Your awesome 5″ Daleks will randomly utter the words “Seek”, “Locate”, and “annihilate”. To exterminate your opponents Dalek, aim your weapon at their Infrared sensor and fire!! When a Dalek is hit, it will exclaim “Dalek unit damaged” the head lamps will blink to indicate its injury… When a Dalek is hit for the fifth and final time, it will scream “AAAAARGH!” and an explosion is heard. The loosing Dalek will then turn off!! A moment of exhilarated victory is experienced (information collected from product testing laboratory) and the game is over.

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