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The Watchmen tidbits revealed at ComiCon

The Watchmen tidbits revealed at ComiCon

Director Zach Snyder (300), told the crowd that he had finished the script of comic-to-movie The Watchmen and, like 300, he plans to take some of the iconic scenes from the graphic novel and translate them literally into the film.

And after the stunning success of the adult themed, 300, Snyder said Warner Bros. OK’ed an R-rating for The Watchmen, which should make most of its fans happy since the graphic novel will not be sanitized for the tween audience for its expected release in November or December of 2008.

Two of the film’s stars were on hand: Malin Akerman (Silver Spectre) and Jackie Earle Hailey (Rorschach). Other actors rumored to be in the cast are Jude Law (Ozymandias), Patrick Wilson (Night Owl).

David Speakman

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