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Supergirl actress spills beans on Smallville storyline

Laura VandervoortLaura Vandervoort, the actress hired to play Supergirl in the upcoming season of Smallville told Sci Fi Wire a little background about her character and a relationship with Clark that has been unknown until now.

Her character on the show is known as “Kara,” a direct nod to the comic book origins.

It seems the storyline will introduce her character as a sort of cosmic baby sitter for Clark, who was sent along with the infant to Earth. But unlike Clark,  did not arrive safely without a hitch. It seams her voyage went wrong and she was trapped in a form of suspended animation.

When she arrives on Earth, she doesn’t realize that more than 20 years have gone by and doesn’t recognize the grown man that Clark has become, thinking he is still an infant.

smallvilleVandervoort also explained that there will be a role-reversal of sort as she, the more experienced Kryptonian, must rely upon Clark as to how to handle her Earth-bound powers. The actress also gave a hint that viewers are about to learn a motherlode about Clark’s biological mother, who Kara was supposedly very close to on Krypton.

The new season of Smallville is set to premiere September 27, 2007 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the CW network.

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