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Globe points out many shades of SF fandom

A really 120px-Nuvola_apps_kdictinteresting article, Race the final frontier, in the Boston Globe today is among the first in the mainstream media to recognize that science fiction – and fandom – is not just for white men.

Reporter Vanessa E. Jones focuses on African American genre fans as well as modern and 20th century writers, David Anthony Durham, Octavia Butler and the legendary Samuel R. Delany.

Jones also notes the contributions of such literary gods as W.E.B. du Bois and Walter Mosley, who wrote some SF, along with their better-known mainstream work.

The article also provides an overview of SF that delves into race, race relations and multiculturalism; a kind of primer readers list for non-genre fans and trufen alike.

David Speakman

David Speakman has spent more than two decades as a writer/editor, photographer, graphic designer and manager of creative teams in broadcast, print and the Internet. His education is in journalism, graphic design, organizational communication and law.
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