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Top 10: February 2007

Below are the most popular articles, and search terms for FanDominion for February 2007.

Top 10 Most-Popular Articles
1. Narnia fans: Recipe for authentic Turkish Delight
2. Top 10: December 2006
3. List of new CW, My Network Affiliates
4. Sunset for ABC’s ‘Day Break’ as show cancelled
5. A ‘Charmed’ run as series enters the history books
6. Sci Fi Magazine: The Top 10 sexiest men and women of sci fi
7. WGA nominations honor Lost, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica writers
8. Smallville, Supernatural picked up for 2006-2007, Charmed canceled
9. Most-Successful Sci Fi and Fantasy Movies of 2005
10. Trek’s Takei boldly comes out of the closet

Top 10 Most-used search terms that brought folks to FanDominionin February:
1. narnia
2. charmed
3. supernatural
4. smallville canceled
5. narnia pictures
6. narnia turkish delight recipe
7. princess amidala
8. paul blackthorne shirtless
9. charmed 2007
10. cw network stations

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