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Top 10: December 2006

Below are the most popular articles, and search terms for FanDominion for December 2006.

Top 10 Most-Popular Articles
1. Sci Fi Magazine: The Top 10 sexiest men and women of sci fi
2. Sunset for ABC’s ‘Day Break’ as show cancelled
3. List of new CW, My Network Affiliates (March 2006)
4. Narnia fans: Recipe for authentic Turkish Delight (December 2005)
5. Film Review: ‘Vendetta’ does future imperfect in perfect pitch (March 2006)
6. ‘Heroes,’ ‘Lost’ top genre nominees for 2007 Golden Globes
7. ABC taps David E. Kelly to develop sci-fi crime drama for fall 2007 (March 2006)
8. Film Review: Hello Double-O-Sexy, goodbye spy fi
9. Sci Fi UK plans British invasion of ‘Ice Planet’ (April 2006)
10. Aussie mag offers free access SF from back issues (March 2006)

NOTE: It is nice to see that some of the older stories here are still popular.

Top 10 Search Terms the brought users to FanDominion:
1. fandominion
2. narnia turkish delight recipe
3. princess amidala
4. narnia
5. dylan fergus gay kiss
6. jared padalicki
7. new episodes of supernatural
8. smallville canceled
9. smallville supernatural
10. supernatural canceled

NOTE: I have no idea who Dylan Fergus is off the top of my head and neither Smallville nor Supernatural have been canceled.

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