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Stargate: SG1, Battlestar Galactica stars join authors McCaffrey, Asprin, Turtledove at 2007 DragonCon

The organizers of Dragon*Con, the largest Science fiction and Fantasy convention in the world, are starting to announce the celebrity guest for D*C 2007, which runs over the Labor Day weekend in Atlanta (August 31- September 3, 2007).

Kevin J. Anderson
Robert Asprin
Bill Fawcett
Anne McCaffrey
Todd McCaffrey
Jody Lynn Nye
Mike Resnick
John D. Ringo
Selina Rosen
Harry Turtledove
David Weber
Margaret Weis
Janny Wurts

Alexis Cruz
Lexa Doig
Christopher Judge
Katee Sackhoff
Michael Shanks

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