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Press Release:Winged Horses Fill the Skies This Holiday With the Release of the New Toby Bishop Novel

Airs Beneath the Moon Will Enchant Fantasy Readers and Horse Enthusiasts

SEATTLE–When readers return to stores with gift cards and unwanted holiday items, they’ll find a new gift waiting for them on bookstore shelves: Toby Bishop’s novel of women and winged horses. Released on Dec. 26, Airs Beneath the Moon is the story of a farm girl who accidentally bonds with a winged foal, forcing her into conflict with the prejudices of her culture and the desires of a powerful duke who would take her horse and her freedom.

“Horses – especially those that can fly – are an avenue of power for women,” said author Toby Bishop. “When I was growing up, girls were still being told not to let boys know how smart we were. Pairing a girl with such a powerful creature in a working relationship is an icon of the power all girls have inside.”

An award-winning Science Fiction/Fantasy writer, Bishop’s previous books have been described as:

“Lyrical and persuasive,” – Publisher’s Weekly
“An exploration of the mysteries and complications of being human, disguised as a science fiction adventure,” – Romantic Times Bookclub
“Luminescent” and “complex,” – Library Journal
“Thoughtful and effective,” – Kirkus Review
“[Her] exquisite prose and her universal themes of feminist heroism light the book brightly,” – Booklist.

Having ridden horses since age 6, Bishop brings a high level of realism to this novel. The relationships between the women and their horses emphasize the complexity of learning to ride a flying mount and the magic of the human/animal bond.

Airs Beneath the Moon is the first book in The Horsemistress Saga. For a list of the winged horses and their bloodlines, along with preview chapters of the novel, visit: Author photos and a printed interview are also available at that site for use by members of the media.

About Toby Bishop –

Ms. Bishop is a former concert and opera singer who has published 8 novels under the name Louise Marley. She is a winner of the Endeavor Award for Outstanding Achievement in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

David Speakman

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