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Partnership Results in Exclusive Collection of Digital Items Inspired by the Popular Daytime Drama and Character Fancy Crane

BURBANK, CA and SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December 20, 2006) – Today, Cyworld USA, a leading social networking platform, and NBC announced the companies are entering into a unique online marketing and advertising partnership to reach their shared audience of young, tech-savvy females. The main component of the campaign will be the integration of a personal “profile” page, also known as a Minihome, which will launch December 22 on the “Passions” website on NBC-dot-com ( and on Cyworld ( The partnership will also involve exclusive digital items developed by Cyworld and NBC representing the “Passions” theme and characters, available for members to purchase with Cyworld’s “Acorn” currency in addition to a Fancy Club for Cyworld members to join. The revenue from this will be shared between NBC Universal and Cyworld.

As the #2 daytime drama among females 12-17, trailing only NBC’s “Days of our Lives,” the alliance with “Passions” enables Cyworld to reach an audience that aligns with its target demographic of young consumers who seek creative avenues for self-expression, and spend time online and using technology. “Passions” already has a proven history of pursuing innovative channels to reach viewers and fans, including its unique online campaigns Passions Vendetta, Red and Tabloid Truth, and the launch of its show inspired clothing line Crane Couture. The alliance with Cyworld will be the first time “Passions” and NBC Daytime has worked with a social network to attract current and potential viewers.

“This is an exciting partnership for Cyworld USA as we enter the entertainment realm and expand our digital item collection to offer members more choice for personalization and self-expression,” said Cyworld USA Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Michael Streefland. “NBC is at the convergence of entertainment and technology, and given our common goal of innovation, together we can uniquely grow both brands and consumer engagement.”

“‘Passions’ fans are devoted, tech-savvy consumers who crave unique ways to interact with their favorite characters,” said Annamarie Kostura, Vice President, NBC Daytime. “Cyworld is a great partnership and unique way to continue NBC Daytime’s push into the digital arena.”

Passions Fans and Cyworld Members Connect Online
As part of the alliance, NBC Universal is creating a special section on the “Passions” site with a feature page that will profile the show’s popular character Fancy Crane, portrayed by Emily Harper, who has her finger on the pulse of the latest trends and fashion. The page, called “Fancy’s Room” will contain personal information about Fancy, similar to an interactive diary, and will feature:

A “Minihome” that showcases the look & feel of a personal Cyworld-dot-com personal profile page, complete with information provided by Fancy, including pictures, journal entries and sketches

A Fancy Crane Sweepstakes, where fans can sign up to win prizes, such as an album signed by Fancy or clothes from Fancy Crane’s fashion label, Crane Couture, launched exclusively online at Each consumer that signs up will receive 50 “Acorns” to use for exploring the Cyworld-dot-com site and Shop filled with thousands of personalized digital items

Fancy’s Phone featuring text messaging, camera phone photos, and messages from Fancy’s friends

Fancy’s Laptop with instant messages, photos and more of Fancy’s life from her Cyworld Minihome

With seven years experience and more than 20 million members worldwide, Cyworld is a global leader in social networking with localized versions in China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and now the U.S. Different from other social networking sites in the market, the site’s innovative look, charm and engaging communication tools appeal to a youth culture ranging in age between 16-24-years-old who seek an authentic, safe destination for interaction and creative expression. Cyworld USA offers a free homepage where people can enjoy all the benefits of the service including picture editing, hosting and sharing, a sketchbook and more. To create a truly individual, self-expressive homepage, members can access thousands of digital items available for purchase.

About Cyworld
Cyworld is the premier online social networking platform for enhancing existing relationships with friends and family. Cyworld’s innovative look, charm and engaging communication tools appeal to a youth culture looking for an authentic, safe destination for interaction and creative expression. Originally launched in 1999 in South Korea to great success, Cyworld is a world leader with recent launches in China, Japan and Taiwan and the U.S. Cyworld is owned by SK Communications, a subsidiary of SK Telecom, which is the number one provider of mobile telecommunications in Asia.

About Passions
“Passions” is the creation of celebrated daytime drama scribe James E. Reilly, who is considered by many industry insiders to be one of the most innovative and prolific writers of his time (TV Guide named him one of Television’s Most Valuable Players, February 2001). “Passions” is produced by NBC Universal Television Studios in association with Outpost Farm Productions, Inc. and is taped in Studio City, CA. Lisa de Cazotte is the executive producer.

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