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Top 10 most popular FanDominion stories

Here are the Top 10 most-visited FanDominion pages for 2005:
(Excluding index pages)

  1. Narnia fans: Recipe for authentic Turkish Delight
  2. ABC’s cancelled ‘Nightstalker’ finds new life on Sci Fi Fridays
  3. Most-Successful Sci Fi and Fantasy Movies of 2005 (so far)
  4. Sci Fi adds “John Doe” to Sci Fi Friday starting Jan. 20
  5. Disney angers fans as it “kills off” Christopher Robin
  6. Sci Fi picks up rights to campy NBC soap opera
  7. Axe falls on ‘Nightstalker,’ ABC not to air end of cliffhanger
  8. Film Review: Swinton’s White Witch saves Narnia flick from Disney mediocrity mill
  9. NBC plans time travel adventure series ‘Pen and the Sword’
  10. Lost, Narnia, Medium and Kong garner Golden Globe nods

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