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Pullman pulls no punches when trashing ‘Narnia’

It appears that UK author Philip Pullman (His Dark Materials Trilogy) is not fan of C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia series.

The Narnia tales, a series of seven stories written by Lewis, at the time best known as a Christian studies scholar, are touted as fantasy morality tales. Like Lewis, Pullman is best known among readers as a writer of fantasy novels for children and young adults.

The Walt Disney Company owns the film rights to the stories and plans a series of feature films, the first of which opens in December. Disney is targeting three main audiences with its marketing campaign: fans of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, fans of Harry Potter-type children’s fantasy and evangelical Christians.

Disney believes evangelicals will respond favorably because Lewis based many of his Narnia characters on people from the Bible.

But Pullman says Lewis included more than mere bible references in his works. In an interview with the London Guardian newspaper article, Pullman said, “If the Disney Corporation wants to market this film as a great Christian story, they’ll just have to tell lies about it.”

Pullman said that despite inclusion of some Christian doctrine in the stories, Lewis failed to include the New Testament’s message of love and forgiveness for one’s fellow man. The tone of the stories is a “peevish blend of racist, misogynistic and reactionary prejudice; but of love, of Christian charity, … not a trace,” The Guardian reported Pullman as saying.

David Speakman

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